I pressed our departure buttons. I heard and felt the engines revving up underneath me. We had shrunk into time and space itself, and travelled forward to 2114. This would take several minutes. Since the Nanobotic destruction of the previous human empire, technology had slowed. Things had to be reinvented, and this took time.

I felt my brain grow weak and strong again. I had just received an infobyte. I delved into my archive and read aloud: “If you are still fulfilling the mission, bring the brother as well. He has been targeted by the Prague Government as a possible weapon. I hope you receive this, and best wishes. Kai.” Kai was my group leader. I had to do what he said, but, we couldn’t. We had left Egypt, we were back in Londonia. I knew something was up with the boy. I guessed he would have to be taken another day.

I remembered now that Disir was still sat in the box with us. I thought I should ease her tensions, so I announced what all agents must to their prisoners.

“Listen to me. If you interrupt, we will simply kill you. You are now property of the British Government. Any attempt to harm us, or escape from your current imprisonment, will also result in your death. It is best for your life to comply with our wishes and let us do our job. No questions shall be asked; none answered. You will remain here for the next few minutes, until you appear in Londonia Underground, where you will be taken to BCA44, where you will be analysed. You have been found to have very strong powers. We must monitor these, and if need be, use them. We do not wish to harm, or worry you, so make us no reason to do so. I am sorry; these are dangerous times. Trust nobody.” I said to her. She looked tired.

 My first abduction speech. I was quite proud. Now, to Kai. Prague would never see this coming.

The End

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