Disir strutted slowly into a group of people. She realised that these were in fact the other people who lived in her village, and that they were stood outside of her home, peering in. What was going on?

As Disir unveiled the growing mystery, time seemed to simply slow to a snail’s pace. In front of her, in her home, were stood a man and a woman. They were high in confidence, which was visible from their stances. They were wearing completely different garments to what she was used to. They looked like soft, almost perfect, pieces of cloth. From here she could see even the fine work that had been put into them. Their eyes were fixed on her, but she carried on taking in her scene around her. Behind these mysterious people, her mother and brother were cowering. This took it to the next level. She was almost furious.

“Who are you?” Disir spat out.

“Stay calm child. We are simply here to escort you to your duty,” the woman’s voice rang out as heavenly as a bell.

“What duty? I have no duty other than to live here,” Disir replied. At this the man shut his eyes. He opened his mouth to speak, but the woman spoke first.

“You have another duty in the rich lands of thriving Persia. You will join with us, and marry the young prince Kamet. Your family can follow after once the arrangements are... arranged.” A stutter; all isn’t arranged. This isn’t right. Disir could realise this from the faintest of mistakes.

“You’re lying. Don’t try to make a fool of me. I will not come with you. Leave please.” Disir couldn’t put her full focus on the situation; it felt as though something else needed her attention. The man’s eyes remained sealed shut.

“We are not lying. You have been recognized by the King of Persia as a perfect candidate to marry his son, and directly affect the future affairs of Persia. We must take you promptly,” she replied.

“Persia, Persia. I have heard so many myths about the forsaken land. Do I get a choice in this at all? I expect that I do not. Foremost, tell me this King’s name.” Disir questioned.

“King Hymin II. Titled, the Broth and Blood of Persia,-“

“That name. Hymin... Disir. Go with them”, her mother’s voice. Her mother wished her to go. What other choice does she have now?

“Tell King Hymin that I will not comply with his wishes. If his son so wishes to marry me then bring him here.” Disir stood strong, defying what her mother wanted also. The man moved his neck from side to side. Disir started to feel a lot weaker than she was earlier aside the idyllic Nile.

Suddenly, Disir felt nothing. Everything froze. Her vision, her body, her thoughts; just froze. She swayed, and swayed, and then fell to the sandy floor in a heap. Her mother and brother looked on in despair, while the couple walked towards the inanimate body. The man limped as if he was struggling, but lifted the body.

“Bring her back! Please!” Disir’s mother couldn’t take this. Her husband had gone years ago, and now her little girl was being taken away from her. The foreign agents felt no sorrow or sadness for her, only pity.

“Then sleep. For eternity”, and the beautiful lady lifted her hand in a sick swipe. The metres between them seemed to not exist, as the mother fell to the floor, breathing, but never truly living. She had no memory of what had happened.

The couple carried Disir’s body still, through the gap in the wall, and a dark black box appeared. A hole opened up for the three, and they entered.

Disir breathed again, panting.

The End

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