I was stood firmly in a tiny little ‘house’, located east of the Nile, Egypt. Sent from the year 2114, we (Ariel and I) had been there for a while, seeking to fulfil our first mission. We had been informed that it was a very important mission, but that could just be told to everybody to strike fear in their bones. Our mission was to retrieve the girl, who had been tracked and recognized as a threat to her British Government if Prague got their agents to her first. She had been said to have powers that surpass even mine, but of course I didn’t believe this. Egypt 1423BC. How could there ever be people with powers this far back in history? I wasn’t so sure about all of this, but my boss was pretty certain, and I must do it.

Beside me, grabbing my hand from nervousness or desire was Ariel. Looking and thinking about her, you wouldn’t have guessed she was placed in such a dangerous and important job. She looked too innocent, almost... childish with the maturity of centuries. She was a very good partner though. She worked hard at what she did, faultlessly. Long blonde hair spread across her back, and dark green eyes. She was wonderful.

Behind me, cowering from not fear, but worry, were the girl’s mother and younger brother. After speaking to both of them, I was surprised. The mother displayed no powers at all. This meant either the girl’s father had powers, or that they had been given to her since birth, which meant another Government had already intervened here. Which it was, I was not sure. But her brother, Anput. He also had such powers. His eyes were the eyes of the devil. I looked into them just once, and I felt an abyss of loneliness and power in an instant. I wondered what powers the girl could possess to make her more important than her brother, and didn’t look forward to meeting her.

We had to take her back to Londonia, the capital of the newly established British Empire. We weren’t told what she would be used for, if anything. Usually, people taken from the past were just locked away, to prevent other factions from the crisis seizing control of them and using them for their advantage.

Obviously, if I told her that she would just be locked away, she would definitely not return with us. So, we had forged a good cover-up plan for it, which should conceal our truths and bring her with us. We could only hope that we had not forgotten anything.

The End

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