Her humble home glided into her sights. She knew it wasn’t glorious, but it was her home. Forged of tightly packed dried mud, and a very fragile wooden frame, it was just another shack from this distance. All of the houses in the village looked the same, were the same, and built the same. Nothing special distinguished any of the houses.

The nicely assembled straw that completed the roofs of the small settlement was a much darker muddy yellow than the compact mud walls. It lay flat as roof, not slanted at all, as did all the other houses. This was no matter, as rain very rarely fell in Ryv. The shacks were scattered around unevenly, all facing a large campfire site located in the middle of the camp. This was where any needed rituals, or celebrations occurred.

As Disir grew closer towards her home, she felt uneasy. Nothing was different around her, other than the now gloomy sky. She hadn’t noticed this happen. Dark clouds now dominated the skies, with the occasional gaping hole for sunlight to still pour through. Disir did not question the sudden change of weather any further in her mind, and cast it away.

She looked once again from the sky to her home. She seemed to have not got any closer. She curiously turned her head, and behind her, she saw her home again. She stopped walking. Cautiously, she turned her body to start walking away from where she first saw her home.

Inevitably, she shut her eyes for a fraction of a second. This was enough time for the sky to return to its flawless state, and her home to be behind her again. Once again, she turned towards her home. Bewildered, she ran and ran, eyes clamped shut.

The End

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