Secrets of Egypt

A strange war rages. Countries are afraid to admit they're at war, but look to destroy others. Time is traveled as those with the most extraordinary gifts are thrust into an unfair war not of their own. The Earth, and all of time, is at stake.



Step by step, breath by breath, Disir paraded slowly onwards. As she perceived her surroundings, she thought deep and hard. She was an average girl, quite beautiful, and rather intelligent. Obsidian black hair danced around her wonderful face, as if it were the petals of a magnificent unrivalled blooming flower. She strode with authority, but a gentle elegance; strange for a girl of her age and situations. Her eyes shone with a dull tone of the furthest reaches of the universe.

She stood not tall, but not small. She stood just tall enough to observe the world nicely, and not be mocked for it. The Nile plains were quite possibly her favourite place to just relax and think about things, which was exactly her intention this time around. Disir wasn’t a popular girl, yet she wasn’t wholly unpopular. She had a lovely group of her friends who were loyal and loved Disir greatly.

She walked on and on, passively taking in where she was, where she was heading. She took no heed in changing her directions; she just walked on.

Disir had always been told that her father had run away at her birth for no apparent reason, but there must have been a reason which her mother was concealing from her. Disir felt no annoyance at her mother for this at all; she felt that she would be informed when she was ready, if there was a reason at all.

Her mother was a very pretty lady, a lot like Disir herself. Not so intelligent, so Disir assumed her father was quite clever. Her mother took good care of her and her younger brother Anput, without the help of the numerous offering men from the larger local town. She remained independent, and though she struggled, she asked for no help and prevailed through all the situations thrown at her so far. For this, Disir respected her not as a mother, but a very brave woman.

The river air was sweet smelling. As she ambled along, she did not grow tired. The fresh, warm but unfamiliar air revitalised her with every intake. This is what she loved about living so near the Nile. Reeds littered the whole area surrounding the river; green, long and swaying in the constantly blowing light breeze. Disir often pondered on how many different species of bugs, insects, or animals even, fostered in these river reeds. They sat there, motionless until a slightly bigger gust of wind struck, which sent it leaning side to side; so slow you couldn’t notice.

The sky was its eternal sapphire blue, dominating most of her view. No clouds were scattered on the sheet of blue, leaving a flawless sky; day after day. The ground here was easy to tread. The sand was covered in green flourishing growing plants, all thriving for survival in the harsh conditions. She hesitated never, and just walked over it as if it were the same sandy ground of her home village.

Trees were scarce; as if an artist had simply picked where they were put to use them to their best effect. The trees that were here were marvellous. Dark, healthy greens were painted onto the luscious and abundant leaves. Barks of brown moist mud were slicked up the supporting frame of the tree, ending at the soft ground, where green life prevailed yet again.

The River Nile was easily the main view of this whole scene. It was a vein of dark liquid, almost touching the intensity of black, but with the needed hint of blue, seeping through the land like blotches of ink does on soft paper. Her biggest desire was to leap into this bounty of water. It must feel like heaven to be free, to be soaring in the water of the world. Her mother forbade her even the thought, but she still secretly longed to do it. One day, she thought perpetually. The surface was like a frozen body of water. It appeared to have no small waves break from disturbances in the flow. It flowed just perfectly.

The End

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