Secrets in a CottageMature

A man who has a passion for writing, is losing his sanity, has hid himself in an abandoned cottage near a town and discovers more about himself and what he is capable of while he is there.

A pool of blood surrounded him as he woke up feeling faint. He knew what to do, he knew it wasn’t him. Police have proved that somebody was framing him and where determined to find out who. Thomas B. Haggard had a theory, a theory which he used as his rule, a rule that he lived by. Let no one in. He always thought that a person could never feel an emotion they didn’t want to feel. Perhaps he thought humans were like robots, robots that could turn their emotions on and off like the switch on the back of a superman action figure. The more he used this theory, the more the doubts were able to sink in. The more he couldn’t control his emotions. The more he lost his sanity.


See, nobody ever thought much of Thomas all they ever knew was that he was 30, was from Oklahoma and was in the middle of a divorce. All the towns people were bound to find out as soon as he moved there. After all, it was a small town, and in a small town, word can get around pretty fast. Even so, Thomas didn’t live in town; he lived in a small cottage far from the village, which over bared the lake. He intended to stay there, even though in the back of his head, he knew that anything could happen to him and no one would know. You could say this was because he was an anomalous person, or you could also say this was because he had no intention whatsoever to be near a person because he couldn’t trust himself. But how would we know? Anyone can make an assumption, but not anyone can make an assumption and be positive that they are right. The type of person to live isolated from everyone is not a person who you would trust. Yet Thomas was always able to gain the trust of anyone he intended to gain the trust of. He never failed.


Thomas was in the middle of a divorce because he caught his wife red handed in an intimate session with man he or she barely knew. Before this, Thomas was close to breaking, no one knew why and no one is sure he even knew. But this drove him off the cliff, this was the turning point. So he ran. He ran as far as he could until he found the cottage, the lake, and the town. He thought he was running from his troubles. What he didn’t know, was that his troubles were just beginning.

Writing was a passion for Thomas, he wrote novels, his life experiences and many other pieces; he could sit at his desk with his laptop for hours on end, constantly tapping the keys of the keyboard. Once he had an idea, it was impossible for him to stop, and it was impossible for anyone to stop him. People told him that his writing was imaginative, interesting and always had a mysterious twist, like a secret. Each of his novels had something of a secret, you knew it was there but you just couldn’t figure it out, that’s what made him so elusive. Soon enough Thomas’s writing began to interfere with his life, with his wife with everything he every lived for. He soon forgot about his wife, house and everything else he had. Who could blame her for running off with another man? Why did he care so much when he started to forget she was even there? , when he started to forget how important she was suppose to be to him?



There were a lot of things about this cottage, the way it was shaped; it looked like it was written. From the moment he saw this cottage, he knew he was suppose to be there. There was something about it, something of a force that dragged him to it like he was there to fill a void or to finish a story that was left without an ending. One problem, how was he suppose to finish the story and why?


He was in his cottage at his desk when he heard a knock at the door; he slowly paced himself across the room towards the glass door. There was no one there; he knew there was no one there. Next he heard a knock at the window next to where is desk was. Once again he paces himself across the room, only this time the paces slightly faster. He reached the Window. Nothing, nothing was there. Was his mind playing tricks on him?

From the corner of his eye he saw the movement of a shadow; he turned his head clockwise and noticed a small scrap of paper taped to the outside of his front glass door. Thomas ran to the door and flung it open, his heart pounded like the rhythmic beating of a steal dole drum. He ripped the piece of paper away from the door, his heart nearly stopped when he saw what was on paper.


  Stop Running,

  I’ve already caught you.




Thoughts were running through his mind, he wasn’t sure what to think or what to do. Who had written this? Why?

The voice in his head trembled with fear, his emotions were loose. At once he slammed the door with force and ran up the almost breaking wooden staircase until he reached his small confided room. He felt like the room was spinning, the crippling grandfather clock was moving too fast.


He woke up the next morning on the floor of his room with a terrible migraine. He struggled to get his body off the hard floor but it felt as if he was stuck like glue, his body gradually peeled off the floor but found it hard to keep his feet secure on the floor and his body upright. Slowly, Thomas dragged his feet across the floor and made his way to the bathroom. He was greeted in the mirror by a blue eyed messy haired man who had his glasses lopsided and in need of a close trim. Before he could do anything Thomas was disturbed by a sudden phone call; he sprinted to the phone, put in on loud speaker and slowly answered,

“Hello? Thomas Speaking”, he said,

“Hey, its me Alice, I need to speak with you”, said Alice,

“I have nothing to say to you, aren’t you suppose to be with goggle eyes anyway?” he said,

“Look Thomas I know you don’t like Greg that much but why do you has to be so stubborn?” said Alice

“Why are you even calling me? To rub it in or something?” he said,

“Thomas I have a bad feeling, your in a place were anything could happen to you and no one would know”, said Alice,

“I don’t need this now, goodbye”, he said.


Thomas immediately hanged up, he knew weird things always happen to him, but what the hell was this? He quickly paced himself to the bathroom and fixed himself up. Ran downstairs and was searching everywhere for his keys,

“Shit! Where are those stupid keys?” he exclaimed, looking through his pocket where he found the small crippled paper he found the night before with those six disturbing words.

“There they are”, he said, jingling his keys.

He quickly ran to his car and started the engine, he didn’t know where he was going, but he was positive he wanted to get away from the cottage. Thomas thought he was being followed, so quickly made his way to the local café where all the towns’ people go. As he walked in he felt eyes all over him, interrogating him, he was not familiar with all the people there, yet he was determined to befriend someone.

Thomas immediately noticed a fairly young and pretty woman and made it his mission to befriend her, or more. At once he made his way to the stool that was next to her and sat him self down calmly, almost softly.


“Hello, I’m Thomas, are you a local?” said Thomas,

“Err… yeah I am, I’m Tanya, pleased to meet you, and I haven’t seen you around here”, she said,

“Oh, I’m not such a people person, I live down the lake in a small cottage house”, said Thomas in an uneasy way.

They continued to talk; Thomas had an effect on women which made them trust him and confide in him, you could say it was his god given gift.

“Would you like to come over sometime? Maybe now? He said.


Thomas wasn’t sure about what he was doing there; he was asking himself, why does he want her there? Why did he ask her such a stupid question? She was obviously not going to say yes. He was making a fool of himself. Maybe Thomas thought we was finally letting a person through that barrier he let no one through, not even his ex wife. His intentions were good; he wanted to live like a normal person with normal friends and maybe a lover. But he hadn’t done this in a long time.


“Sure”, Tanya beamed.

“Really? I mean yeah ok, come on”, said Thomas.

Both Thomas and Tanya reached the crooked cottage house, from the corner of his eyes he could see Tanya feeling uneasy and awkward as soon as she saw the cottage, he knew he had to say something to make her feel better.

“When I first saw this cottage I got the same reaction, I thought it was hideous until I saw the inside”, said Thomas, his face breaking into a crooked smile.


Both Tanya and Thomas made their way through the narrow passage that led to the front garden of the crooked cottage, He took her hand gently and led her inside, almost everything in the cottage was made of wood. Everything was beautifully carved, from the tables legs to the stair handles. But no matter how amazingly carved everything was, it could not hide the fact that this cottage was old, miserable and was near breaking point.


“Sit down, ill bring us some drinks ok?” said Thomas

“Sure”, Tanya Said.


I have finally done it! Thomas thought, he had felt that he finally let someone in and was looking forward to being more social, a more people person. Yet even though he felt a glimpse of happiness, doubts kept creeping up at the back of his mind. I just met her half an hour ago, how can I already say I have a happy future ahead of me? What if this isn’t real at all?

He took two shiny cups form the cupboard and a bottle of wine, feeling content that he has someone to talk to. But could he be expecting too much?


Thomas happily walked into the room,

“Hey I’ve got the –”, said Thomas, his face looking weak and pail like all the colour has been drained out.

“Tanya Where are you?” Thomas screamed at the top of his lungs.


Knock Knock, came a sound from across the room. Oh no, Thomas thought. It was happening again, the strange sounds that made him, pass out like the other night.

Knock Knock; there it goes again, only this time from the desk window that had the blinds down. Thomas was determined to find out who had been doing this. Slowly, he paced himself across the room towards the window. Before he got there, he felt the room spinning, it was happening again; his mind was clouded with thoughts. Why is this happening to me? Why can’t I be left alone?

At this point, Thomas was reaching for the blinds to discover who was always on the other side. As always, he fell to the floor, he couldn’t make the discovery he desperately wanted to make.

It reached morning. He had been on the floor all night and was now surrounded by a pool of blood on the floor. Thomas started to panic until he realized that he was holding a butchers knife in his left hand. Tanya’s body was sprawled all over the floor, her stomach cut open with her intestines and guts hanging out. This is not possible, it can’t be. I would never do something like this. Am I cursed?

Thomas looked around the room and nearly passed out when he saw what was carved all over the wooden walls. This was all you.

Seeing this had brought Thomas to losing his mind. He had suddenly remembered what happened last night. The fights, the howls and the bloodcurdling screams of terror. Thomas was having immediate flashbacks of the day this started happening to him, the bloodshed and the terrified people that he befriended. At once he realized it was him. All the murders, all the times he woke up and found a pool of blood surrounding him and a decapitated body lying there.

Thomas’s mind was filled with so many thoughts; a battle was going on inside his head. One side screaming it was him, and the other desperately saying it wasn’t. He was soon going to have to acknowledge that it was him who killed all those people including Tanya. Was it possible that he had an alter ego?

However this didn’t matter to him. He knew exactly what he was suppose to do, dispose of the body and pretend like nothing happened. He dragged her by her hair to the basement of the cottage where there was trap door that led to a small patch of greenery. He immediately started to dig, dumped her body in and covered it up again. He wanted to make sure no one found out so he secured the trap door with superglue and a big lock.

Thomas had to bleach the carpets and floor so not a trace of blood could be found. He burnt his clothes until they were ashes. He knew he had to make out like it was another normal day for him, but he soon started to realized that he had to accept what he is, a cold blooded murderer with no sense of humanity.

Thomas was startled with a knock at the door; this made the hairs on his back stand up. He prayed that it wasn’t what he thought it was. Slowly, he paced himself across the floor and reached for the door handle and flung the door open.

“Thomas?” Chief police Anderson questioned with a hoarse voice.

“Erm – y-y-yeah?” Stuttered Thomas

“I think you had better sit down, I need to talk to you,

“Before you moved in here there were several residents. The last person to live here was a man named Thomas Gregory. He was a convicted serial killer that escaped person and came to live here with a completely different identity. He was a black magician but that doesn’t matter, what matter is that he was just caught, and he said something odd. This is why I came here. He said you… murdered Tanya, now I don’t want to believe him but I think he may be right. A girl named Tanya was said to have followed you back here. We know what you did and when we find evidence, we are going to bring you down.”


Thomas was sitting down, his face expressionless. His hard face broke into a smile, and what he said, was probably the most haunting thing Chief Anderson ever heard.

“Remember, the ones whose job is to hunt, soon become the hunted”.


By Thomas B. Haggard.





The End

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