The past

I didn't go to school on Monday. I hadn't gotten a call from Josh for the entire weekend, and my parents did not seem to notice I didn't leave the house for over 48 hours. On Monday I lied and said I was sick, and since I was such a model student, not capable of such treachery like lying, they let me stay home.

It's not like I felt bad about what I did to Josh. I did tell him no. But he just wouldn't listen.
Jemima had called me Saturday evening saying she had heard about it. By now it was probably the talk of the town. Not that I cared. The only thing I cared about was the fact that it would be incredibly hard to start over now that I had such a reputation.

So I decided to escape the world for a while on Monday by watching classic Disney movies with a bowl of popcorn and a 2-liter bottle of soda. It was shaping out to be quite a productive day.

And then the doorbell rang.

I figured it would be one of my parents who had forgotten their keys, or maybe a package. Or a neighbor who had heard of my supposed illness and now was coming to offer their condolences with a bowl of soup. But it turned out to be the person I least expected.

The person who stood on my front doorstep had stepped out of a memory from the past. Except that they looked very different.

His hair was longer and shaggy now, and black, and he was a few inches taller than I recalled. But his eyes- oh his eyes were the exact same. Emerald green and glowing, that stared into my and right into my very soul. Josh's old muddy brown didn't even compare to those eyes.

"Hi, Jenn," he said. My eyes popped. His voice was deeper now.
"H-hi." He looked down at his feet, scuffling them against the concrete.
"I don't suppose you recognize me, do you?"
I scoff without smiling. "Of course I remember you. You don't look that different, Ben." His head snaps up at the sound of his name and he smiles. It melts my heart, but I can't let him see that. "Do you want to come in?"

The End

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