Secrets {Chapter One}

Rags and I had been best friends for as long as I could remember. Rags & Rachael. Rachael & Rags. I personally liked that one better. We did everything together, and told each other our deepest darkest secrets. Well, at least I told her everything...

     It was a sunny day on Long Island, the sky was a deep blue and only a few white, fluffy clouds roamed around. The breeze was cool, a relief from the eighty degree temperatures that were common in the Summer. I laid under the tall Oak tree which stood proudly in my backyard. One of my favorite books in hand. My little brother Jack played quietly in the sand box, running in and out of the house every now and again. I starred blankly out into the distance.

"I want mommy to see my sand castle!" whined Jack. He was only five years old, an eager and nieve child.

"Mom is working," I said. "You know that she's busy!" And it was true. She was busy. Always so busy. Jack climbed out of the sand box and came over to me.

"But I want her!" Jack stomped his little feet on the ground. Something he usually did before he threw a hissy fit.

"Knock it off!" I'm not kidding!" Jack starred a me with narrow, blue eyes, his face getting red.

"Jack...I suggest you calm down,". No one knew my little brother better than I did. He was ready to throw a fit. But not just and fit. One of those I'm gonna scream my guts out if I don't get what I want fits. Jack took a deep breath.

"Get Mommy now or I'm going to scream," he said through clenched teeth. He thought he could take control of me. I wasn't a push over. No five year old could tell me what to do.

"Jack, just shut up!" Sometimes he made me want to pull my hair out. He screamed and dropped to the ground in tears.

"Quit being a cry baby," I muttered and returned to my book.

"Why do you have to be so mean?" I peered over at him.

"Why do you have to be so annoying?" I knew I was speaking with an attitude. Jack ovbiously didn't like it. I wasn't to happy about it myself. I sighed.

"Jack?" He looked up at me with puppy dog eyes. "Can we quit arguing and actually get along?" Jack crossed his arms and shook his head.

"I want mommy!" I rolled my eyes. "Why is she always on her computer?" Jack muttered.

"Because she's working. How many times do I have to say it?" Jack crawled over and sat next to me.

"Listen..." I closed my eyes and tried to think of something reasonable to say. "Times are tough and mommy's working hard. Can we give her a break?" Even though I said it, I didn't really mean it. My mother needed a break from her job, and when those rare "breaks" came along, they were never spent with my brother and I. We deserved as much as she did. But we never seemed to get anything.

"Sorry," Jack muttered. He starred down at the grass.

"Apology excepted." Jack smiled a little kid smile and returned to the sand box. If mom wasn't going to look at his sand castle, maybe I could be the one who would.

     I left my book on the ground and went to sit with Jack in the sand box.

"Do you want to help me build another castle?" he asked. I nodded and and grabbed a shovel. As we dug, my mind wondered off. Thoughts flew in and out of my mind. I thought about how quickly the Summer was going by. I thought about how much my mother was working to support our family of three. Ever since my father left us she was all Jack and I ever had. And trust me, we weren't left with much. I thought about my best friend Rags and how she was coming over later that night. We had sleepovers every Friday night, and for some reason, they always had to be at my house. Rags and I had been friends for as long as I could remember, and not even once, had I been over her house. It was a little weird. It made me wonder what her life was like at home.

So I continued digging with Jack. Thinking about everything in general. The sun was hot beating down on our shoulders. Suddenly, my mother came out of the house. She had bags under her bright blue eyes, probably from getting up so early so she could work so late.

"Kids!" she called. Jack and I turned around to see her. "We need to talk, meet me inside in five."

The End

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