Secrets and Regrets

A girl who sits in the graveyard everyday reminiscing of her college days when her four best friends were brutally murdered. Her mother's death is intricately linked with these four killings. She being the Heroine tracks down the killer. However, the death of her loved ones haunts her till date.

It is indeed a very wearisome affair to visit a cemetery, but I do it everyday. It has become an integral part of my life, a part of my routine. Not a day has passed since the Christmas of ‘99 that I haven’t gone to the cemetery. It gives me a weird sort of peace to sit there. I can sit for hours at a time, deep in thought of the days preceding that Christmas.

How merry were those days that I spent away from this melancholy place! For within this picket fence, these precincts lie four very important stones, gravestones. Beneath them, sleep the secrets of my past; each a separate secret taken to the grave without being revealed. However, more important than the secrets are the people who kept them so, taking an eternal rest from life; a relief from all that secrecy, from the vicious prying and from the fierce defense of my secrets that is well deserved by them. 

Susan Elliot. Peter Osborn. Rebecca Kelly. Paul White. They are four of my best friends.( Susan was my sister. )

 How they were killed remains a mystery till nowto all but me, for yes, they were killed. Actually killed is just understating the situation. For they were murdered with such brutality that I wouldn’t have recognized their faces had I not known each feature of theirs as well as my own features.

 The very cruel thing about their murders was that only the faces were marred, not one other part of the body was touched. Post mortem reports suggested no specific reason for the deaths, not a trace of poison, or any strangulation marks, no evidence to suggest smothering, burning or breakage of anything. The doctors flabbergasted could only suggest that too much blood had been lost due to damage to the face and a halfhearted suggestion as to the possibility of nervous damages. Not thoroughly convinced but seeing no reason to delay their burial, the parents (whoever had come) didn’t wait for the case to be solved.

The funeral was conducted and all four were buried together in this very graveyard. For me it’s  the scariest place i have visited, though I come here to reminisce regularly.

The nostalgia makes me nauseous sometimes. I have very confused feelings. At one end I am terrified of the realization that I have lost four people closest to my heart, on the other side, I feel that this daily visit is necessary as it is my penance, my punishment for bringing  this upon them and when I suffer it makes me serene.  

The End

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