Chapter 3.3Mature

Emma pulled up the school notices and turned on the projector so that the form could read them whilst chatting to their friends, she leaned in her chair and allowed her mind to wander. Time seemed to quicken and before she knew it Emma was snapped from her train of thought by the sound of the bell ringing and the sound of scraping chairs as her form hurried to their first lesson.

The door banged shut as the last pupil left the room and the sound seemed to reverberate in her ears, Emma had a year eight class first and they were doing about racism, so to save Emma the trouble of actually doing some oral teaching, she put on her copy of the DVD ‘Roots’ for the class to watch, and they seemed to become engrossed in it. So much so that when the bell rang signalling the end of the lesson the class moaned their disapproval;

“Don’t worry, you will be watching some more next lesson” Emma called as the class made their way out and following their noses downstairs towards to tuck shop, which was serving hot food for break.

Emma was scheduled to be on break duty that day so she locked up her classroom and made her way down the corridor and into the staffroom to get herself a warm cup of coffee, for it was blowing a gale outside and she was determined to dawdle as much as possible before suffering the cold winds,standing outside and watching the children running around with their blazers over their heads to catch the wind.  

By the machine Emma caught sight of her friend Imogen Harker who was the receptionist at student services at the school, this meant that she dealt with school trip money, consent and medical forms and similar. As well as this she was also providing the kids with spare stationary at reasonable prices and spare uniform for the lazy kids who had lost their ties or ripped their blazers. This job kept her very busy most of the time and it was very rare that she was able to slip away from her desk to get a coffee - she normally had to ask one of the other members of staff to get one for her.

“Hey Imy” Emma said with a smile as she inserted her pound coin into the machine.
“Oh hi there Emma, how are you?” she asked returning the warm smile and tucking a stray brown curl behind her ear.

“I’m fine thanks, its a rarity to see you up here Imy,”

“I know, but i was dying for a coffee, I was working late last night trying to sort out transport for this Geography trip Mr Banning wants to take year nines on and to be honest its a bit of a nightmare!”

“I can imagine, where is he wanting to take them?”


“Poor kids...” I said with a laugh.

“I know, but honestly it’s driving me nuts, he’s sending me tons of e-mails and adding more work than necessary so i needed to get away from my desk and get a coffee otherwise i would be falling asleep!”

“Who is running student services?”

“I’ve asked Patricia to keep an eye on it while i am gone but I doubt it will have been very busy, all the kids are outside in the wind … so immature”

“Like when you were little you didn’t” Emma said one hand on her hip, the other clutching her recently dispensed cup of coffee.

“Yeah, i must admit i did …. once”  Imy said shifting her gaze, Emma just laughed.

“Anyway, I am meant to be on duty out in the cold” Emma said, a gloomy look on her face as she saw a thick black cloud hovering outside ready to burst.

“Have fun Emma” Imy said patting Emma on the shoulder as Emma made for the door.

“I’ll be thinking of you from inside my warm office!” Imy called and Emma rolled her eyes as she made her way slowly out into the crisp and cold morning breeze.

The End

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