Chapter 3.2Mature

Emma quickly got everything ready for Zach’s breakfast then hurried upstairs to wake him. Zach was still fast asleep, his chest rising and falling a few inches, Emma shook him gently awake.

“Wakey Wakey, rise and shine” Emma said softly as Zach stirred rubbing sleep out of his deep green eyes, his dark brown hair mussed up from sleep. Emma smiled as her son sat up in bed and gave her a smile which reminded her so much of Georges smile.

“Come on, your breakfast is ready downstairs” Emma said and at the prospect of breakfast Zach bounded out of bed and almost ran downstairs. Emma shook her head disbeleivingly, when she was Zach’s age nothing would have drawn her from the warm contours of her bed unless she wanted to.

Emma debated going back to bed for fifteen minutes whist Zach was having his breakfast however this was out of the question, for one thing Zach would be unsupervised and the last time Zach had been left alone in the kitchen he’s tried helping himself to his breakfast and had ended up smashing half the Denby bowls.
This was the reason why Emma always prepared Zach’s breakfast before waking him up and then supervised him while he ate it. Well, that and Zach’s constant dawdling, and with that thought in her mind Emma hurried downstairs after Zach.

“Turn that TV right down” Emma demanded as she entered the kitchen to find Zach messily eating his cereal whilst his eyes were glued to the kitchen TV which was so loud she was sure it would wake the next door neighbours.

“Now I can’t hear it” Zach whined, Zach hadn’t turned the volume down so Emma had grabbed the remote and done it herself.

“If you sit quietly and don’t make a sound you’ll be able to hear it” Emma said, putting the remote on a shelf out of Zach’s reach for he had just made to grab at the remote to turn the volume up again.

“Eat your breakfast or else the TV goes off” Emma warned.

Zach was in a stubborn mood that morning and it took Emma ages to get out of house with Zach in tow, he had dawdled with everything he had to do, like brushing his teeth and thus she ushered Zach out of the car as quickly as she could when she reached his school for she was now running late.

Emma pulled into the crowded staff car park, her car occupying the last remaining parking space. She grabbed her bag from the passenger's foot well and made her way inside. A few stragglers remained making their way slowly to their form room.

“This is not the time or the place for that Mr Walters, please put Miss Faulkner down and go to your form” Emma said to a boy wearing a grey tie which meant that he was in year 11 who had just had his girlfriend pinned up against the wall and had been kissing her passionately.

“And sort your tie out!” Emma called after the boy who looking annoyed at being told off for kissing his girlfriend had begun to walk to form, hand in hand with his girlfriend.

Emma’s form was a mixture of different year groups who all gave out the vibe that they would rather have not been there. True they each had at least some of their friends from their year group to talk to but it made it slightly awkward when someone from a lower year tried to talk to anyone that wasn’t in their respective year.
Emma had tried her best to overcome by pairing each member of the form with a student from a different year and sitting them next to each other to try and get them to talk to one another, however as soon as the register had been taken the students would undoubtedly leave their seats to talk to their friends. 

The End

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