Chapter 3.1Mature

For many reasons Emma slept uneasy that night, the rain hammering hard on the window pane probably didn’t help but the weather was beyond her control. Her mind was buzzing, preventing her from sleeping and in the end as the clock on her bedside table read 5am she decided that she would get up and make a cup of tea.

Emma slipped on her dressing gown and squeezed herself though the gap between door and wall, trying not to move the door and make it creek as George was still fast asleep and she knew that he was a very light sleeper. The amount of times he had accused Emma of keeping him awake with her light snoring, she knew that any small sound would wake him.

As Emma passed Zack’s bedroom door she looked in on him, the covers rising and falling a couple of inches told her that Zack was fast asleep underneath the warm duvet. She smiled as she clicked Zack’s bedroom door shut and made her way downstairs.

Behind the roman blinds which covered the kitchen window the stars which had speckled the clear night sky  were beginning to fade into the milky pink of the morning sunrise, the sun starting to make its slow descent into the sky for what looked to be a bright and sunny day, or at least Emma hoped that it would be.

Emma poured some of the filtered water from the jug in the fridge into the kettle and flicked the switch, a soft hum told her that the kettle was starting to boil up the water, she leaned on her elbows staring transfixed at the kettle allowing her mind to wander temporarily until a loud ‘click’ brought her mind back to the present. Emma poured the boiling water into a mug, added a tea bag, a splash of milk and a spoonful of sugar then shuffled out of the kitchen and into her office.

Steam furled slowly from the mug which Emma was clasping in her hands but Emma was so lost in thought it would have been no surprise if Emma had taken a sip and found it to be cold. The same thought that Emma had shaken away when she had been sat in the car came back to her. Emma set the mug down on the desk and opened a filing cabinet to her left and began routing though it, pulling out files and documents, eventually pulling out a battered old envelope which had been gathering dust at the bottom of the filing cabinet for years.

She quickly broke the seal and shook the contents out onto the desk, out fell a collection of very old photographs of a young girl with thin and wispy curly baby hair which was pitch black and bright blue eyes. The pictures showed different stages in the girl's life  from sitting up without support to her second birthday and in each of the pictures the girl looked more and more beautiful.

Emma leaned back in her chair and sighed then she pressed a finger to her lips and then at the lips on the child and gave a weak smile. “So beautiful” she murmured aloud slipping the pictures back into the envelope and pressing the seal shut again.

“Who’s so beautiful?” A voice asked from behind her and she wheeled around to find George leaning against the office door his short sleeved pjs doing a poor job of hiding is well toned arms which were folded against his chest.

“You” she said jumping off the office chair and kissing him softly, “Anyway what are you doing up” she asked as they broke apart.

“Woke up when I realised you weren’t in bed with me” he said cockily, “Why are you up?”  he asked a concerned now upon his beautiful features.

“Couldn’t sleep” Emma murmured, “There is so much happening at work at the moment and now I have just been told that there is a new student starting in my Religious Studies class and I don’t even know how much of the syllabus she has done or how much she needs to catch up on” Emma rambled.

“You work too hard” George replied kissing Emma’s head affectionately, “Come back to bed?” he asked, pulling at Emma’s arm slightly.

“I can’t” she said, digging her heels in the carpet to stop George from luring her back to the bedroom, “I have the school run then I have work and its...” she glanced over to the clock on the wall, “now half past six and you know what Zack is like, he’s a devil for dawdling” Emma replied freeing herself from Georges grasp and making her way into the kitchen to start the morning before-school routine.

The End

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