Chapter 2.3Mature

When Emma pulled into her driveway she remained sitting in her car for several minutes after she had allowed the engine to die. Her mind was still buzzing and all because of a name that rung bells from deep within her memory. An idea hit her but she shook it away as quickly was it had came, “No it couldn’t be, its impossible for it to be that” she muttered to herself neglecting the thought and clambering out of the car into the cool evening air. The gravel crunched noisily under her feet as she walked up the drive and towards the front door, Emma could see through the front door that the hallway light was on this could mean only one thing, that Zack was waiting for her still in his school uniform at a guess  and sure enough she was right. She opened the door and stepped inside her legs were instantly enveloped in a huge hug from Zach.

“Hey you” she said picking Zach up and hugging him, “What are you still doing in your school uniform?” she questioned giving him a soft poke as she set him down. “I have been doing my homework with Daddy and I wanted to show you my new sticker” he chirped pointing with enthusiasm at the sticker that was slightly peeling off his school jumper. Emma put on an air of surprise, “Well done” she said her voice going up an octave as she spoke and Zach grinned. Zach ran off down the hall and out of sight, Emma leaned against the door and sighed a relieved sigh, she was glad that another day was over and that she could come home and spend some quality time with her lovely son.

She placed her keys a wooden bowl which sat on a table by the door and walked through into the kitchen, George pressed a mug of piping hot tea into her hands and gave her a quick kiss as a way of a greeting. Emma smiled weakly back at him, feeling a pang of guilt rush through her, she loved George so much yet it didn’t stop her cheating on him with Sam. Did that make her love for George genuine or a lie?

“How was your day?” George asked cheerfully, taking a slurp out of his cup of coffee. “Fine” Emma murmured, not making eye contact with him, “just busy that’s all” she said. It hadn’t been a lie, she had been busy … just not with marking.  


After Emma had made Zach’s tea and coaxed George into helping her wash up, something that he only did once in a blue moon, she looked over Zach’s completed homework making sure that all his answers were correct. She could see the markings of rubbed out answers on the sheet and that instantly told her that he had received quite a bit of help from George. She smiled to herself, Zach was a bright boy, he had his father's brains yet he lacked the courage to show his true potential at school, even though both herself and George kept telling him to do so. The school didn’t help the situation either, Emma believed that they were purposefully putting Zach in classes where the work was too easy for him, yet they would come up with reason after reason as to why his was in the right class.

Emma put down her pencil, being a teacher herself she had a knack for spotting mistakes yet on Zach homework she couldn’t spot a single mistake, she knew his teacher would though - he always did and sometimes Emma would question her own teaching abilities however then she remembered it wouldn’t be long before Zach would be in year 6 and would have a different teacher, one who didn’t have favorites.

Zach bounded into the room, finally out of his school uniform which Emma would probably find in a crumpled pile on his bedroom floor later. “How did i do mummy?” he asked, staring up at her with his big round green eyes which looked exactly like George’s.
“Not a single mistake” Emma remarked, folding Zach’s homework up and placing it back into his bag, so he wouldn’t forget it the next day. Zach grinned broadly at his mother before picking up his bag and taking it into his bedroom.

“Are you okay?” George asked as Emma flopped on the couch with a sigh after she had put Zach to bed, “I’m fine” she said smiling weakly at George. The name of the the new student who was to be joining her Religious Studies class the following day was still playing on her mind, where had she heard that name before?

“Are you sure?” he pressed wrapping a comforting arm around her shoulder and pulling her closer, “you’re awfully quiet this evening”
“Its just been one of those days at work that’s all” she mumbled removing George’s arm and shuffling into the kitchen hiding her face - a knot of guilt was beginning for form in the pit of Emma’s stomach as it always did when she cuddled up to George in the evening when she knew that she had spent the day cheating on him with Sam.  

Emma flicked the switch on the kettle and put her head in her hands, she just wanted the day to end. Emma kept on telling herself that she would break up with Sam but when it came to it she could never do it, he would look at her with those beautiful hazel eyes which would melt her insides like chocolate in a microwave and would press his soft lips against hers and make her whole body tingle. She couldn’t do it, yet she knew that she had to! What a dilemma she had gotten herself into, and it was about to get a hell of a lot worse.

The End

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