Chapter 2.1Mature

There was a soft tap on Emma’s classroom door and when Emma opened it she saw Sam, slouching against the wall by her door. She quickly pulled him inside and locked the door behind her so that they could be sure that they wouldn’t be disturbed by anyone.

Sam wrapped his muscular arms around Emma and pulled her closer into him, she giggled slightly before standing up on her tiptoes to give him a soft kiss. He smiled down at Emma, he loved his free periods at school because he got to spend them however he wanted, and that usually meant with Emma - even though that meant that they had to be extremely careful that they weren't caught.

Emma knew she was doing wrong by cheating on George with Sam, Ironic really that she happened to be a religious studies teacher and yet she was doing the one thing that she spent so much of her time teaching her A level students about - Adultery.

The strange thing was, Emma knew that she would never stop despite the fact she knew that if George ever found out, it would be the end of her marriage.
Sam made Emma feel special, he always knew the right thing to say to her, and any mention of his name made Emma’s heart lurch - surely that was love wasn’t it?

Emma could remember starting at Tipton College and he was one of the very first members of staff that she met.  He had been stood their in his shorts and T shirt which both showed off his large biceps, with a towel draped around his shoulder when she had been introduced to him.

“This is Mr. Samuel Cripps, he is the physical education teacher here at Tipton and has worked here for about 4 years now”  the headteacher Mr Manning had announced, pointing at Sam and smiling warmly at him. He then walked off to talk to a student that was loitering in the corner of the corridor leaving Sam and Emma to get to know each other.

“Hey” Sam said smiling warmly holding out a hand for Emma to shake, She took it warmly and smiled back at him.
That was the beginning of what started out as a friendship but then spiralled out of all control and both Emma and Sam struggled with their attraction to each other and in the end gave in and allowed their love to blossom.

Sam pulled Emma closer into him and she could feel his warm breath against hers and could smell his scent. He brushed his soft lips against hers and wrapped his arms around her, Emma weakened at his every touch and pressed her lips firmly against his kissing him passionately, however a soft tap on the door made them break apart.

“Quick, hide in here” Emma hissed at Sam, holding her storeroom door open for Sam. He obeyed without question, ducking under Emma’s outstretched arm and into the storeroom which she shut quickly.
After quickly sorting herself out so there was no evidence to suggest that Emma had been doing anything wrong, she hurried to the door and quickly unlocked the door wide so she could see who was there.

The End

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