Chapter 1.2Mature

“Come on then young man, lets get your shoes on. Have you got your book bag?”

“No” responded a small voice and with that Zach bounded back up the stairs.

When he reappeared he was carrying his red book bag which he handed to Emma, who checked it for letters which should have been handed to her at the weekend but still resided crumpled in the bottom of his bag. She found the weekly school newsletter which didn’t really tell her anything she didn’t already know!
She placed the book bag on the floor and walked over to the shoe cupboard and withdrew Zach’s school shoes which she slipped on his small feet.

“Come on Mister. its time to go to school!” Emma ushered Zach towards the door and towards the car.

Zach clambered into the back of Emma’s yellow Beetle and sat himself in his booster seat, Emma strapped him in and then climbed into the drivers seat ready to start another day.

The traffic was not bad as they drove to school, it never was at this time of the morning, no-one is really ready for the school rush. Emma found a parking space near to the school and dispatched Zach from the car, she walked with him to the door, gave him a quick kiss and said that his Dad would be picking him up from school today. He scampered off to his classroom and to talk to whoever would listen to him.

Emma walked slowly back into her car and pulled away from the primary school and headed in the direction of Tipton College, where she would spend another day teaching teenagers Religious Studies, even though she knew very well that after the first 15 minutes their faces will have glazed over and each will have a bored expression. Honestly, why do they bother taking RS to A level if they are not willing to even look interested. Emma tried to make the subject as interesting as possible but to no avail, they just sit there, copy notes and clock watch with bored expressions.

The lesson seemed to drag for the students, but Emma was enjoying herself, as she enjoyed teaching this subject. It is one of the few things she found interesting whilst she too was at school and subsequently college. She informed her students that they have some homework to complete, but she makes it easy for them so asks them copy notes from the text book and to consider and think about what they have copied out. That will make them interested in the subject!

“Miss, we already have homework!” one girl complained, instantly giving the other pupils reason to speak out and voice their opinions about having lots home homework too.

“I know you already have that project due for the end of the term but this isn’t hard, its only copying notes from the textbook” Emma said, resulting in huge exaggerated moans from the rest of the class as they packed away and started to leave.

Emma sat back down at the desk and made a note in her diary of the homework she had set. She picked up her phone and checked it, no new messages. No new messages from Sam, she thought to herself that she needed to change that fact, and with that she picked up the phone and started to type a new message.

“Hey, you free now? Thought we should meet up for a coffee ;-) x”

Emma tapped her fingers impatiently on the desk and after a few seconds Sam replied.

“Hey doll, I am indeed free now, but i don’t fancy coffee, i fancy you ;-)”

Emma blushed and grabbing her phone off the desk she sent a quick reply.

“Come up, I have a free and an empty room which I am sure I could accidentally lock us in ;-) x”

Emma leaned back in her chair grinning like a cheshire cat.
Today wouldn’t be so bad after all.

The End

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