Chapter 1.1

Everyone has secrets, hidden lies that could potentially rip lives apart, or could destroy a marriage, but no secrets can compare to the secrets which Emma Carson kept. She had lead a relatively normal life up until the age of seventeen where she did something which had a huge effect on the rest of her life. A secret buried deep inside her is uncovered!

At the age of 34 Emma had achieved many things in her life. A good job, a loving husband and a beautiful son, nothing could jeopardise this, could it? Emma had told very few people about her secret and now it was very unlikely that it could ever come out. No-one would forgive her, not even the people who loved her the most. Nevertheless Emma did the best she could to carry on with her life, positive that she had done the right thing at the time … or did she?

Her alarm clock buzzed stirring Emma from her light slumber, she flailed her arm out from the warm embrace of her bed and bashed at the snooze button. She knew that she couldn’t say in bed much longer, she had to make sure her son Zach was up, dressed and breakfasted so that he could be dropped off at school on time.

When downstairs she set about getting things ready for Zach’s breakfast, she had decided it best to get them ready then get him out of bed. It just worked out better that way. She hurried up the stairs and into her little boys room, he was still fast asleep and he looked so peaceful she didn’t want to wake him, gently she shook him awake.

“Zach, darling you need to get up for school”

He rubbed his eyes and sat bolt upright in bed, his eyes adjusting to the light which was streaming through his closed curtains. He looked up at his mother who was smiling lovingly down at him.

“Get yourself dressed and when you come downstairs I have made your breakfast and put some milk out for you” Emma said kissing his forehead before leaving the room and heading back downstairs.

She made her way around the kitchen, getting her own breakfast at the same time. She could hear heavier footsteps upstairs which meant that George was also awake. Next thing she knew Zach was bounding around the kitchen in his school uniform, full of energy and ready for the day, she smiled at her son and his enthusiasm for his education.

Zach sat himself at the table and began munching on his cereal and slurping noisily as he drunk his milk.
Seconds later, George entered the kitchen in his boxers and dressing gown on his way to the shower. He ruffled Zach’s hair lovingly as he passed and stole a quick kiss from Emma before disappearing off to have a shower.

After a short while Zach had finished his breakfast, Emma then hurried him upstairs and instructed him to clean his teeth and wash his face. Whilst Zach was completing this task set by his Mother, she went into her office and collected all the work she needed for her day and put them into her bag, and made sure she had the correct keys for the filing cabinets and drawers. When she turned around out of the office Zach was sat on the bottom step waiting for his shoes, they were not kept in view, they were safely stored away in a cupboard but Zach daren’t enter for fear of death by shoes.

The End

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