Trinaty was just an average girl, with a somewhat normal life. She was... One of those Fangirls. But when she finds herself in a familiar arena with barely any idea what happened, things change.

I awoke lying on the ground. I had a vague idea of how I got here, but I didn't know what was happening. I sat up. It was pitch black. I wasn't lying on the ground, I was lying on a platform! I moved my hands and felt for walls. I instantly found them. I was enclosed in a small...cylinder. Suddenly the platform began to move upward. Up it went. I heard faint cheers and screams. Whistling and shouting clapping even. What was this? I stood up now holding on to the wall. My hair was pinned back into a bun and I had sleek black clothes on. I had a suit like thing, the type you would wear to swim with dolphins. Sunlight streamed into my little hole. Then my platform rose to actual ground. It stopped then. I was standing on a silver platform in the middle of a field. And I wasn't alone. There were others in a huge circle, in different outfits. A bunch of people in white were sitting at the stands, shouting things and clapping. I spotted a cornucopia in the middle. I knew exactly where I was. I was in the Hunger Games. "This cannot be happening." I whispered. A voice boomed through the air. "Welcome everyone, to the 75th annual hunger games!" Effie Trinket yelled. She droned on for some moments. I knew what was coming next. "Let the.." Oh no. No no no. "75th annual Hunger Games..." This isn't happening. "Begin!" And before I could scream, my legs took off.

The End

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