New in town

Grace walked to school on her own. She'd just moved to town, and she had no idea what school was going to be like. She started sinking, and then quickly realised and came back up out of the pavement. She wondered if there was anyone else who could do this, let alone control it like her. She had to concentrate when she walked into a room, in case the door was closed and she walked through it. The school gate was open, and she ran to the door. She checked her timetable, and went to what she hoped was her classroom. The teacher was one of those ones who acts all smiley when you're new, but that's just for show.

"Be QUIET, children! This is Grace, she's new to our school this year and I want you to make her feel welcome." Then, in a quieter voice she added "Right Grace, for form you'll be sat behind Kate and Kelly over there." Grace nodded and went and sat down. Kate and Kelly turned round.

The End

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