Before school

Kelly arrived promptly on time to school. Too early, perhaps, but  enough time to catch her friend for some gossip before school after the summer holidays. A tiny breeze ran through the fields and pushed the grass about.

Kate sauntered through the side wall, looking around suspiciously, seeing if anyone saw her appear out of a wall. Kelly saw her and waved furiously, anxious to see her best friend again after such a long break, but she didn't seem to notice that, a few moments earlier, no one had been at the wall. Kate saw the hands wavering in the air and started to jog towards them, her new shoulder bag dancing around her. The closer Kate got, the more Kelly knew there was something up. Nevertheless, Kelly held her hand up for their usual high-5, Kate lifted her hand up too. But just as Kelly's fingers touched her friend's, it dropped suddenly, running through the hand as if it was air. Kelly stared, open mouthed.

"Hold out your hand," she whispered.

Kate did, reluctantly. Kelly punched it, only to find herself punching nothing but air.

The End

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