Alibi's Down Ink Lane

So, I was off. I had to think of a pretty good alibi. I wasn’t going to tell her where I was going tonight.

As I was almost all the way down Ink Lane, I saw my friends. They were waiting for me.

“Hey guys,” I called. “Sorry it took me so long. I had to negotiate with my sister.”

“That’s okay, girl, we were just talking.” said Natallie. Michelle was sitting on the rock that was next to the entrance to the tunnel we had made for the over-grown forest.

“Where’s Sam?” I asked. He was the only one I didn’t see.

“Oh, he’s around. Somewhere.” Commented Michelle.

Now all we were waiting for was Sam to get back and ‘The Twins’ Carol and Cindy. as we waited we talked.

“So, what did your sister want anyway? Money?” We cracked up when Natallie said that. She was always thinking about money to buy clothes.

“Yes, actually. And for me to do her chores for a month.”

“Youch. I have siblings to give my work to. I see thats its the other way in that house.” Michelle laughed.

The End

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