Chapter OneMature

Junior Year

Ally was walking away from her Spanish class as her books were clinched to her tightly and her black and pink book pack was clinging to her back like it belonged there. Hunter came up from behind her smiling evilly as he tickled her. Ally jumped what seemed to be a hundred feet. She spun to only find that the mysterious tickler was Hunter. He had become her best friend since that day. Alex wouldn’t come near, see, or even speak to her no longer. It was like he was shutting the world off. It bothered her but not much like it used to. Ally used to cry herself to sleep just thinking that Alex wouldn’t be sociable with her any more. It not only irritated her, but it broke her.

Alex shut her out for a reason. If he continued to be friendly with her, then he’ll spill the truth out about him actually being Zach and he didn’t want that to happen. Alex stayed around the corner watching Hunter and Ally coming his way. Alex was too nervous for her to be around him. He just wasn’t sure about the possible outcome that could happen. Hunter grabbed her hand and held it. It was official. Ally and Hunter was a thing. Hunter was her first boyfriend ever in her life and she was happy. Alex however was devastated. He couldn’t even bear the thought of his best friend and his crush being together as a couple, but Hunter did ask him for permission. Alex’s long, red hair was now hanging in his face when he looked at the ground. His blue eyes were covered in tears.

"So, are you ready to meet my parents, baby?" Hunter asked Ally. She smiled greatly and felt the butterflies in her heart. Ally was ready to meet his parents because Hunter was the first boyfriend she ever had in her life. Then again, she was nervous to death. She wasn’t sure if they’d like her or not and it sort of bothered her. She was frightened if they’d like her or not. The possibilities were endless. She saw Alex at the corner he was at with his head hanging low. Her green eyes were dull in despair. Her brown hair was behind her just like her love for him. At times, Ally felt it linger around her heart and grab a hold of it like she was sort of making a mistake by dating his best friend.

"Bro, you alright?" Hunter asked. Alex looked up and smirked. Of course he wasn’t! Hunter, his own best friend, was dating Ally whom has been his crush since pre-school. Giving in to only lie, Alex nodded. He felt his hands shake and tremble within his pockets and – he was scared, but upset at the same time. Alex thought he was going to lose Ally’s love for him forever and he didn’t want that, but he did want her to be happy. Technically, there was nothing Alex could do. Hunter was happy and so was Ally. Alex didn’t want to separate them because it’d make him the bad guy. Alex only had to wait.

Ally smirked at him sort of feeling the connectional pain. It was as if they were connected and they felt each other’s emotions. Hunter and Ally continued to walk as Alex stayed behind wanting to stay far away from Ally as possible. Everyone still disliked Ally and they didn’t accept Hunter and her dating one bit. In fact, they despised it. Hunter was kicked of the football team but Hunter didn’t care. Football wasn’t his life, so why bother? Alex saw the two stop as they both turned to each other. He saw Ally’s feet go on the tip of her toes. He looked up and saw them kissing. Alex was dumbfounded. He felt his heart break so he left. Alex left to get away from the heart breaking site. He wasn’t sure wither to go after or to stay, but he knew he had to leave to not be able to see such a site that had killed him so much.

A group of guys from the football team called his name so they can create a get together to celebrate. They were in the finals and they wouldn’t have done it without Alex, but right now he didn’t care about anything but his own heart. If he stayed any longer, he was going to lose his sanity. Alex ran out the side door to go out to the football field where everything he has ever thought became clearer. He wasn't sure what to do no longer. Everything seemed faded.

The air was cold as the leaves were changing. When Alex sighed out deeply, he could see his breath somehow. His hands were stuffed down in his pockets while he felt the cold slip through his jacket. The grass had a touch of frost on it. Soccer practice had begun and the ball kept coming to his feet, so he had to kick it back to the players. Alex began to walk the track thinking that anything can happen if he could make it possible. It wasn't that he didn't like them dating, in fact - he was completely fine with it at times. At times meaning that he forgets how happy Ally really is. Hunter always explained how much he loved Ally, but Alex knew him too well. Hunter doesn't love Ally that she should be loved.

Annie, whose hair is now black with green highlights, ran over to him with a tight pony tail. She was no longer popular because she saw how the world truly saw her. She punched Alex's arm playfully as her smile was wide. Alex wasn't in the mood to smile so he just glared at her. Annie's smile faded. She didn't realize that he could still be mad at her for what she did last month. The silence fell upon them as it became as awkward as possible. Annie wasn't sure if she should leave or stay with him. She began to snap as she waved her arms back and forth. Alex had his lips pressed tightly and looked towards the sky. Now he was aggravated. He was already upset and the only person he needed to get aggravated with was Annie. He growled under his breath and clinched his hands tightly.

"Annie, do you have someone else to aggravate?!" He barked at her. Her eyes blinked wide a couple times in shock as she jumped back a few feet. Alex continued walking as she stayed behind upset. She didn't understand what she did wrong, but Alex did. "I'm - I'm sorry, Alex. I just - I.." She began. Alex stopped now with the fury of the devil. He felt as if he was about to break his own hands just by clinching them too hard. His teeth were clinched tightly as well as he felt his eyes nearly pop out of his skull. He spun around as he interrupted Annie. "You just what?! All you do is ruin people's lives! You ruined my chance with Ally! I had a crush on her since forever and what do you do?! 'Oh, Alex! You should go for the Football team! You are so strong!' Yeah, grow up and get a brain why don't you?! I don't care for popularity but you did! You had that stuck in you stupid brain of yours! I'm tired of you! We are all tired of you and that's why everyone went behind your back, so get off of mine."

Alex ran off as Annie was in near tears. She stood there paralyzed now that she knew the truth of herself. Her heart felt as if it was breaking. How could she possibly ruin people's lives? She's hurt her best friend by dating an ex and then hurting her brother by dating his best friend. She realized it all now. Now she understood. Alex continued walking away. He wanted to punch something to get his anger out. He wanted to punch anything actually. All he wanted was to get away from Annie and get closer to Ally. Hunter and Ally were together and it sort of bothered Alex, but he wanted to see a smile on her face. That was all that mattered to him was her own happiness.

"Alex," Annie yelled at him. "Wait!" She began to jog up to him while Alex stopped in anger. He didn't want anyone to talk to unless they knew what he was feeling. His red hair blew back a bit as Annie stopped right behind him. Her eyes were on the ground as her whole body felt frightened. She took a deep breath as she allowed the words to flow through. "I know how you can get Ally as your girlfriend." She said. Alex turned around puzzled as Annie's eyes looked up at him slowly. He shook his head as if she was lying to him. Annie grabbed his arm to stop him. "I'm being truthful here. If you want her, listen to me. It's going to be risky if you want to do it."

Alex released his anger in surrender. He spun around shoving his hands into his pockets carefully. He wanted Ally with everything he had but - he wasn't sure to believe and trust Annie. What if she was only using him? Ally was the topic and he wanted to do anything to get her to him. He honestly knew that Hunter wasn't the one for her. "Alright, tell me then. How do i get her back?" Annie smirked at him. Alex shrugged his shoulders. He honestly didn't know and he needed to know terribly. "If you want to know, I'll come over this evening." She suggested.

Alex shook his head as he smiled. "You don't get it, do you?" He whispered. "Ally is my world and what do i need? An ex to tell me how to get her back when i should learn on my own. I want to figure out how to get her. I don't want to be taught by a girl who once was the Queen Bee of the school. I know Hunter isn't the one for her, but i want her to be happy so I'm not interfering unless Hunter tells me to. I honestly don't need your help at all." Alex told her in a firm voice. He began to walk off as the football coach was at the end of the track waiting for him. His baseball cap and knee-length khaki shorts didn't go well with his yellow shirt. He had a five o'clock shadow and he surprisingly in good shape.

"I stopped to see if you were okay. Something on your mind, son?" He asked. The coach put his hand on Alex's back while they walked to the bleachers. Alex sighed deeply in agitation. "Yeah. It's about Hunter and his girl. If i tell you, I'll get kicked off the team. I kind of don't want that to happen." The coach sat on a step and patted the seat next to him for Alex to follow. "C'mon, son. Tell me." Did Alex want to tell his coach? If he did, then it'd be the end for him, wouldn't it? Alex leaned back as he stretched his arms out. He didn't want it to be shocking but simple. "I'm in love with Ally, the girl Hunter is dating? Yeah, well I adore her and I know Hunter and her aren't meant to be, but I want her to be happy, ya know?"

The coach understood as he nodded. He sat his clip board down as he placed a hand on Alex's shoulder carefully. "Son, let me tell you something about true love." Alex focused in on him. "If you love her to know that she's the one, let her go." The coach stood up as he began to walk away. Alex stood up as he didn't understand. "Coach, what do you mean let her go? They might get married and one day start a family and," Alex started. "I wanted to be her first for everything, but it looks like I'm too late."

The coach began to walk up to Alex once more. He placed his hand on his shoulder again as his eyes were filled with hope. "You need to go after her then. With you acting like this, it seems that you two were meant to be." The coach then walked off as Alex stood alone. He was happy but also upset. He just had to talk to Hunter who'd probably understand. Who knows if he would or not? Who knows what the outcome will be? He stood there and wondered if Hunter will still be his best friend after this. He had to tell him that Hunter dating Ally bothered him terribly. There was nothing he could do but just try to tell him the truth.

Ally sat at a table in the cafeteria while Hunter was in the lunch line. She played with her food because she despised the way everyone hated her and judged her for no reason whatsoever. She sighed deeply as she felt her heart break one piece at a time. What was she to do? She honestly still loved Alex, but she was with Hunter now. What could she do? Ally didn’t want to break his heart but what if she ended up having to? There was nothing she could possibly do anymore. Zach came into her mind. She hasn’t spoken to him since Hunter and her got together. She looked up and saw Hunter coming her way. Ally smiled slightly and stopped playing with her food. Hunter noticed she hadn’t eaten yet and that made his smile grow weak.

"Ally, what’s wrong?" He asked knowing the possibility of her answer. She looked back at her tray and looked to her right where the windows were. She saw her escape, her safe haven, her life. There was Alex about to come inside from the outside. Her heart skipped a beat and she realized that she still loved him. "Uh- nothing. Nothing’s wrong." Something was wrong. She wanted Alex so deeply and badly that she couldn’t stand being with Hunter sometimes. He could be annoying, but she wanted him happy and she only acted like it. Every time she saw Alex, she wanted to act like she adored Hunter only to make him jealous. Hunter shook his head lightly as he sat down next to her.

"I can tell you aren’t okay." He began. "If you’re not happy, let me know. I’ll figure out how to fix it." Ally was beginning to feel numb inside. She wanted Alex, but only felt bad for Hunter so what could she possibly do? Alex sat down across the table from the two as he made eye contact at Ally first. Their eyes met and the only thing she felt was sparks flying. She began to look at the ground as Hunter’s arm had raised and wrapped around her. Ally grew aggravated with him as he continued to do exactly that. "Hey, Hunter. Can we talk?" Alex said. Her eyes grew three times big as she knew what the possibility was.

"Yeah, can we try later or..?" Hunter replied. Alex shook his head quickly. He sighed deeply as Alex got up and he followed. They traveled outside where no one, not even Ally, could hear them. She looked at them as they began their conversation. "Do you really love Ally?" Alex asked Hunter. He gave a confused look. Alex was being completely serious on this question and Hunter was taking it as a joke. "Of course I do bro. You know that!" He yelled softly. Ally could hear their voices faintly as Hunter began to scream.

"Look, I just want you to know that I still love Ally and even though I do not approve of you two dating, I want a smile on her face twenty four seven and if I do not see a smile, then we can’t be friends. I still love her, bro." Hunter pushed Alex. He stumbled back and fell over while Hunter had him pinned on the ground and about to punch him. Ally ran out in fear and pulled Hunter away from Alex.

"What the hell, Hunter?! You call yourself a boyfriend?! What are you doing to your best friend?! I still love Alex, Hunter. Don’t do something that you’ll regret." Hunter looked up at her as she said what was on her mind for so long. Alex was looking dead at her while Hunter was growing weak by his emotions. A tear slipped from his right eye and it feel on top of Alex. "What did you say?" Hunter whispered to her. She cleared her throat as she closed her eyes. With a deep sigh, she clinched her hands and hoped for the better outcome.

"I – still – love - him." She said. Hunter released Alex and got up to come towards Ally. His eyes were full of water and he felt empty, but mostly broken within. Hunter wrapped his right hand around her neck and pulled her close to his face were their lips were nearly touching. He looked down at her lips while she looked dead at his eyes. "What if- you were, I don’t know, wrong?" Hunter asked.

"If I was, I would’ve told you by now." She whispered. He bit his lip as he pulled away from her slowly. Alex looked up at him and then at her. He now knew the truth about her true feelings. She still loved this guy! Someone that had now isolated her and made her feel so alone. Alex got up and dusted himself off as Hunter walked towards the football field. "You like me?" Alex asked in curiosity. Ally nodded slowly knowing the embarrassment filled within her. He walked up to her and wanted to hold her, but he stopped mid-way. He realized that everyone from the cafeteria was watching him, so instead of doing what he’s wanted to do, he left her all alone.

She stood there puzzled. Why did he decide to walk up to her but then walk away? Ally leaned against the brick wall and slid down as her brown hair got stuck within the bumps. Her green eyes were nearly going to water. What has happened? The sky grew dark as a thunder storm was approaching. Tears then fell from her eyes as the thunder struck and its light reflected upon her own skin. The rain slowly came one by one as afterwards a million tears from the angels above fell upon her. It was like they knew her own sadness. She stayed there when the bell rang twice. One for the exit of class and one for the late bell. She couldn’t move one bit and she could care less if lightning struck her.

Whispers came from within as she clinched her knees closely to her chest. She stayed quiet as the door opened. It was only the vice principal. Her eyes were full of concern but Ally’s eyes were full of depression as her brown hair was now soaking wet that it even drenched her own clothes as well as the rain. "Sweetie, what are you doing out here? You need to be inside." The vice principal said as her grey bob began to get drenched. Her cat eye glasses were catching rain drops. "You wouldn’t understand. I’m losing people I love. I’m even getting bullied more and more each day over nothing."

The maintenance guy came over to her and placed a large towel over her shoulders and helped her up. "We’ll talk about this in my office. You won’t get in trouble for any of this." Ally smirked knowing that she was lying somehow. There sat Hunter with his head down and sounds of sobs were coming from him. She looked towards the ground with full depression in her heart. Alex passed the cafeteria door and saw Ally soaking wet. He stopped to only become concerned about her. He then began to wonder what he did to hurt her. She stopped in her tracks and felt as if the room was changing before her.

The vice principal stopped a few feet in front of her and looked back at her. Ally wanted to run back outside and stay there for the rest of her life so she can’t be hurt any longer. She felt like she needed a jar of hearts so she can replace the broken one that was built within her. It wasn’t like any other heart ache. It was a complete broken heart and if it didn’t get fixed fast, she’ll possibly die of one. It was like it couldn’t the pressure. She noticed Alex and felt her heart cry even more. Her life was complicated to her, but to everyone else, it looked like a joke.

Her feet pushed themselves towards the door as they walked to the office. "Okay, now we have a bit more privacy. Talk to me. Tell me what’s going on." She said. Ally looked up from the ground as her green eyes hit the woman hard. 
"What’s going on is that no one really cares about me. Hunter was my only friend here and he became my boyfriend, but I still had feelings for his best friend who is the quarterback for our football team. He used to be nice to me, but then one day – he changed. You see, you wouldn’t understand because you have no idea what’s it’s like to be in my shoes even though you’ll lie and say you will. You adults have no idea what it’s like. The only friends I have or either two hours away or out of state. Whatever you decide to do, it’s going to be on your terms but not our own. We have freedom but you all take it away and whatever I need to do to end everyone bullying me, I can’t ‘cause then I’ll get in trouble for it. You won’t understand the pain and heart ache I’m going through even though you’ll lie. That’s all anyone does here. Everyone in this place lies and never says the truth."

The woman sat there fully understanding what Ally was saying to her. She took off her glasses and sat them carefully on the desk. Ally continued to look at the ground. "I give you permission to skip all of your classes to figure things out. But, I am only doing this once so – leave my office. I’ll tell your teachers what’s going on." Ally got up, left the office, and then left out of the front door of the school. She had no time for anything. Alex ran out and stopped her.

"What do you think you’re doing?!" He yelled at her. "You’ll get in trouble, but mostly sick!" Ally stood there trapped as his hands were gripped around her arms tightly. She felt the other half of her heart screaming at her from within him, but there was nothing she could do about it. "I was given permission to skip." Ally replied softly. He looked down at her and pulled her into an embrace. He felt complete with her and so did she. "Just – don’t do anything stupid or anything you’ll regret."

She pushed him away feeling odd. "What are you doing?!" She screamed. He grabbed her as she began to run off. He was hugging her from behind as he had his eyes closed. He didn’t want anything bad to happen. "I love you, Ally." He whispered. She heard and she stopped trying to break free. Ally allowed him to do this as she heard his whisper. She place her hands upon his carefully. "Why did you leave?" She whispered. Alex shrugged his shoulders.

"I don’t know. I guess I was scared of you knowing the truth." He whispered. Ally began to cry being scared. She was sort of scared right now. She was scared that Alex would use her or even worse. If he only said that to get her hopes up and to let her down forever. She broke free from his grip and ran off across the road to see her Aunt Linda who owned a salon across the street. Tears ran down her face as her feet carried her. Alex felt pathetic so he kicked the trash can as it tipped over.

Ally's hair was now soaking wet to the core and her clothes were completely drenched. She wanted the love from Alex, but she wasn't sure to believe it or not. She felt as if her mind were playing tricks on so her sanity would break. Her feet hit the parking lot of the salon. Could she go in there looking like this or could she go back to Alex and face it? She looked back to the school where Alex was still standing there watching her every move. His face was full of depression. He couldn't bare the feeling that Ally actually ran from him.

She did the right thing. Ally ran away from her fear but also her love. She feared that he'd lose everything he'd ever wanted, but she loved him. Alex continued to stand there without movement. Ally swirved her head back to the door and turned the knob. A sound from the overhead bell dinged as her blonde Aunt stood at the counter while other employee's were working on clients. Ally walked in slow as her Aunt slowly looked up from her People's magazine. Her green eyes were wide enough to ask one little question.

"What happened to you?" She asked. She waved her hand in front of her as if she was trying to stop Ally's movement. Her Aunt only understood with the inevitable situations that Ally couldn't understand that well. Ally stood there dumbfounded. She had a situation that she couldn't fix. "I'm in a situation." Ally whispered. Her Aunt grabbed her from her shoulders and took her to her office to talk.

They passed the clients and Ally's head stopped to look at one. Her hair was dampened as the stylist was about to cut her long, beautiful hair. Her eyes were hazel and her skin looked like it were to be kissed by the sun. This woman looked familiar to her, but she couldn't remember. She took the first two steps within her Aunt's office. The small space was not only crowded, but cold. Her Aunt sat in her chair that had wheels attached to the bottom which were every kids entertainment.

"Okay, let's chat. What's up?" Her Aunt had asked her. Her blonde hair had now been pulled into a side pony tail. Ally didn't know where to start! Her mind felt scattered like an unorganized desk in a professional office. The sounds of faint chatter came from outside the door as the comestologists were chatting with their clients. "Alex." Ally finally whispered. The words had escaped her mouth as if she were meant to say it. Her Aunt sighed deeply.

"Ally, if he ignores you.." She began. Ally stood up as she interuppted her Aunt. "He confessed!" Her Aunt sat there dumbfounded. She had no words to say about Alex's confession except the question if he was telling the truth or lying to her straight up?

"Is he telling the truth?" 
"How should i know?!"

Her Aunt shrugged her shoulders as a knock approached the door. The door opened slightly. "Adella, there's a teenage boy looking for Ally." One of the workers had interrupted. Adella, Ally's Aunt, had nodded at the woman as she left and finally shut the door closed. Ally sat there with an emotion she had never felt before and she had never witnessed before. Depression.

"I know you don't want to face." Adella had told her. "You can stay here if you want. I'll try to get rid of him." She stood up as Ally continued to sit there thinking why Alex wants to communicate with her so badly. Adella opened the door to only see this boy that was looking for Ally terribly. When the door had closed shut, Ally began to place her ear on the wooden door wanting to hear the conversation. Sure enough, it was Alex.

"I have to tell her the truth." He began. His voice was full of life but it sounded like he was trying not to cry. Her Aunt continued to stay there listening to his explination and his excuse. "Well, if you love her, then give her a lot of time." She had replied to him. Alex huffed and puffed but he didn't blow any houses down. He only did it because of giving Ally a lot of time for the realization. He threw his hands up in the air in a victorious defeat. He rushed his fingers through his red hair as his blue eyes were full of tears. He was full of the need of wanting to tell her.

"Time? I don't have time! I need to tell her!" 
"You want to tell her, but your heart isn't ready just yet to tell her."

Alex then grew frustrated. The more he got, the more he wanted to punch a hole in the wall. Ally was still behind the door listening in. Tears were streaming down her face. She wasn't sure what to do at the moment except one thing. She stood up, straightened herself, placed her hand on the knob, and began to turn spherical object to only open the door so she could make an exit. The door was fully open and there they stood looking at her.

Alex was the one who was shocked of the tears on her face the most. She looked dead at Alex. Her face was full of hate but fear as well. Ally shook her head one last time as she walked out the back exit to only go home. She didn't want him to see her. In fact, she didn't want anything to do with him! It was one of those feelings that she felt as if she was suppossed to give up everything she'd ever owned.

The rain continued to poor like a million shooting stars. It covered the paved ground with a bunch of puddles that looked like ponds. Ally took a deep breath and ran out the door. Her feet pounded in puddles as they splashed up to her like lost souls in hell. The poor girl ran for her life. Alex ran out to attempt to get her, but he had failed at his mission. His eyes fell to the ground while tears fell. This boy wasn't afraid to cry. He wasn't afraid to show his true emotions. There was one thing he was afraid of.

Ally on the other hand was afraid of everything. She was afraid that she'd get picked on like she always been. She honestly couldn't take it. Her hair stuck to her like glue while the rain fell heavily. Ally was that one girl who'd do anything to get away from her biggest fear. Her fear right now was Alex. She wasn't sure what he could do next and it frightened her terribly. She stopped as she approached three miles. Ally was so close to getting home and it was only another mile away. Her legs throbbed as her throat ached in dryness. She needed water and she wanted to get home.

Her eyes stayed put on the ground, but something wanted her to look up. When she did, there stood Hunter with a slight smile and a hand stretched out to help her up. She grabbed it and he pulled her close to him. His lips met hers as she was paralyzed in his arms. She wasn't sure what to do except to stay in this. He pulled her along to his old toyota truck. "Give him time. He'll understand what he's doing to you." He whispered in her ear. He pulled the passenger door open to his black truck as she slid in. The door slammed shut and she felt a piece of her leave her. The truck began to move as she looked at the houses that had passed. Ally felt depressed and she wasn't positively sure how to fix.

The End

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