It was a perfect match but there's one problem. Alex can't lose his place as Quarterback and She'll be laughed at by the whole school again. Ally is a girl who barely has any friends. The friends that she does have are out of state. One of them, Zach, is her best friend. He is practically a guy she can lean on for anything, but there is one secret. Alex is secretly Zach and he is too frightened to tell her the truth.

The halls were full of loud, annoying voices that seemed inevitable to silence. A thirteen year old girl with brown hair, green eyes, and pale skin was holding her books and pushing everyone out of her path. Her only path was the exit of the school so she could go home. Her purple backpack had weighed her down like a bunch of bricks were inside the semi-small pack. She didn’t like school one bit. It was all because no one liked her that much. In fact, no one was her friend. 

Her only friends were people in different states. People who had actually accepted her for who she is. People who would actually fly in to see her or beat up someone that has picked on her. She was an outsider to everyone in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Well, everyone except her Golden Retriever, Hunley. Hunley was her baby boy and her only companion even though she had a family she could possibly talk to, but no one would listen to her actually. All they would say is “Okay, Alright, yup” and they would even say one word or focus in on her problems. 

Her whole life she has focused in on her blogging to end her only silence that seemed impossible to let out to her city. Even the class mates wouldn’t say hi or help her in a problem. People who’d actually care about her were the Teachers, the guidance counselors, the Principles. The vice-principles, people who’d read her blog, and her friends in different states. Those are the people who’d actually care about her. It was them and Hunley that seemed to care the most about her. 

Her Mother sat in the driver seat of her red mini-van filing her nails that were already perfect. She didn’t need to file them and it was so pathetic that her Mom wouldn’t care about her own daughter’s life. Her Mom never paid attention to her. She slid in the passenger seat and threw her backpack in the backseat where Hunley was sitting, panting with his tongue hanging out as his tail wagged a mile a minute. She rubbed his head and buckled her seat belt. 

“How was school, Ally?” Her mother asked her as she put her filler down. Her hands went to the wheel as she drove away from the huge school. Ally rose an eyebrow while she thought why her mother even asked if she wasn’t even going to pay attention to her. “It was fine. Alex still doesn’t see me.” She said. Her Mother nodded in agreement as if she agreed that Alex shouldn’t see her. Alex Lumina was her all time crush. He was the Quarterback of the football team, he was the jock, he was the most popular guy in the school while every popular girl was up his butt with their tongue’s hanging out as if they were dogs.

His red hair looked like Justin Bieber’s when he was first famous and his blue eyes smiled each time he looked at her. He would flash his pearly whites at her and her heart would flutter like a butterfly. At times, she wondered if he felt the emotions that she felt for him. She even wondered if he secretly liked her the same. She questioned it so much. Her eye sight flooded to his face and how he had accidently bumped into her today during lunch as she was taking her tray to her table. Alex noticed. He looked down at her as she stood there full of Stromboli and marinara sauce. 

Alex helped her get up and even took her tray to the lunch ladies while even sat there laughing at her like she was the entertainment. She flicked her hands to rid the nasty sauce away from her as he pulled her to one of the gym teachers. He seemed to care about her that day, but since then – he hasn’t made contact to her since. She shook her head and looked at the trees and houses passing by. Her stomach was fluttering with nervousness as Hunley licked her hand to help her out of it. Her Mom was still focusing on the road as she sighed once in a while. She even managed to say “I wish you were old enough to drive” under her breath while she sighed. 

Ally was aggravated with everything. She even thought about ending her life once but she couldn’t do that to everyone. She couldn’t do that to Hunley, her readers, and even her friends out of state. It seemed selfish. Ally rolled her eyes and leaned on her hand as she looked outside. Her focus was her room so she could finally tell everyone about Alex accidentally bumping into her and how magical it sort of seemed.  She was still day dreaming about it while she made up her own ending that would never, ever happen in real life. 

She day dreamed that he would kiss her in front of everyone and that he would sweep her off her feet as if he were her prince charming. Seemed silly, right? As if that would actually happen which it would never happen ever in real life. Her Mom pulled into the drive way as she unbuckled her seat belt and turned back to grab her book bag. Her little brother stood there at the end of the porch stairs waiting for her. His brown hair and green eyes resembled hers and she couldn’t tell him her problems because he was only five. 

He smiled as Hunley jumped out of the mini-van and ran inside as her Mom opened the door wide for him. Her little brother hugged her from her legs and sniffed in disgust. “Ewe! What’s that smell?” He complained. Of course, the smell of marinara sauce and different smells of food lingered on her still. “Someone bumped into me and food got all over me. No worries.” She told him. He pinched his nose and stuck his head up to the clouds as his eyes were closed. “You need to take a bath though!” He suggested. Ally laughed at his suggestion and pushed him inside. 

He ran into his room and continued to make fire truck sirens and different other types of sounds as her Dad sat in his lazy boy recliner watching NASCAR.  Of course he would be watching it. Her Mother went to the kitchen and started on some sort of soup or dinner. Ally could care less about eating and could care more about her blogging. She rolled her eyes and continued walking to her room. When her brother went left to his room, she went right. Her room was the basement where no one would rather go. It was her safe haven and her comfort. Her parents didn't bother her one bit.

Ally threw her purple back pack on her full sized bed that was covered by a black comforter that had blue floral designs on it. The walls were baby blue; her washed out, wooden guitar was leaning against her bed peacefully; and finally her laptop was on her desk on the other side of the huge basement. The other side of her room was her work space. It was where she sat and worked on her blog, did her photography of whatever she pleased, and even recorded her songs that she's never released. She was a very creative person and no one knew the great things that she could do. 

Ally then turned around to only hear the clatter and rumbling of Hunley's paws and claws. He barked and jumped on her bed missing her book bag by an inch. She laughed and rubbed his head as his tail wagged and his tongue was out. "Oh Hunley, why are you my only friend?" She questioned him. He whined and crawled closer to her. Ally smirked. Hunley was one of her friends. Her other friends were either asleep for the night, busy waking up, busy doing homework, and busy in school. Her closest friend was only two hours away and Ally knew that she could see her friend any time she wanted but one downfall. Ally couldn't drive just yet. 

She walked over to her work area and turned on her laptop. While it was warming up, she felt eyes on her. She felt watched. Ally spun around to look at the window behind her that was only ten feet away and someone ducked down. It was Alex. She didn't know it though. Alex was there because he secretly loved her. Even though he had a girlfriend, he has always wanted her and his cover was nearly blown today, so he decided not to make any contact or communication till he felt like it was the right time. He was panting as he leaned against the concrete wall. Sweat was beading down his forehead as his blue eyes were bugging out. His red hair began to stick to his face afterwards.

"This isn't happening, is it?" He whispered. He snuck a peak back through the window as he saw her on her laptop, writing. Here was one thing that he kept secret. He was one of her friends. His picture was someone else from his family that lived in California. Alex was worried that anything he'd say would be clue's to his true identity. Ally turned back around to re-check the window. She was concerned but curious. Alex was back to the dirty ground as he pulled up Facebook and sent her a message. 

'Hey there!' He sent. Alex waited nervously as he saw that Ally read the message. His hands trembled as he took one last glance at her. He saw the smile on her face that he loved, the feeling of peace in him. He knew that what he was doing was sort of a good thing, but he was still lying to her about his true identity and feelings. Alex then left the premises and began to walk to his house that was a block away. 

'Hey, Zach! How's it going?' Ally replied without a care. Alex smiled as he saw the message on his phone. Zach was his cousin’s name and it was a good thing that his cousin didn't have a Facebook to see this. 

'Eh, i could be better. My crush still doesn't know i like her. What about you?' He replied. His heart was beating as he waited for a reply. He wasn't sure what the outcome could possibly be and he was scared to find out. 

'What?! You totally need to tell her! My crush ran into me today and I was sort of freaking out but paralyzed with complete fear! UGH!!! He is still so sexy! That red hair and sparkling blue eyes.. omg. Zach, help!!!! I’m under complete love attack!!' 

Alex giggled. He knew what she was talking about. 'Well, tell him. Maybe he'll understand?' He replied with no fear. Ally was standing over her laptop biting her lip. Did she want to tell Alex the truth? Or was it going to destroy her? She couldn't. Ally will become the laughing stock for the next million years all because she told Alex Lumina her long kept secret. 'No. I have no friends at school. No one likes me. I even bet he doesn't even like me. I know i don't belong there.' Ally typed. She hit enter and watched it being seen.

She was nervous to death and she didn't know why. 'Wow. That's upsetting. How come no one likes you?' Alex replied. Once again, Ally had no clue that Zach was secretly Alex. Her fingers were still over the keys. Ally had no clue why no one liked her at school. It was one thing she couldn't figure out. 'I honestly have no idea. It's been that way since Kindergarten.' 

Ally pulled up her blog and started to write her thoughts on today and a few things she had reviewed this week. She reviewed the new Maroon 5 C.D which was okay as she gave five out of ten stars on, the Twilight saga that she spent hours reading and watching which she never understood why vampires and werewolves? She gave those six out of ten stars. It was good but it wasn't eye gripping well to her. Ally then typed her 'accidental' bumping into Alex during lunch today. She told everyone how marinara sauce was spilled all over her and how he seemed so nice to her today that he'd actually help her clean up. 

Alex felt terrible after he read the message. His smile turned into a frown as he walked in the front door to his two story house. His Mother met him at the entrance. She noticed something was going on. "Alex? Sweetie? Are you alright?" She asked. He refused to nod his head and agree that he was alright when he wasn't. "Mom, have you ever had to decide to let go of one thing and go with the other?" Alex wondered. He thought of breaking up with his girlfriend whom was cheating on him and he knew it but didn't want to do anything about it because he didn't care about her. Alex cared about Ally. 

"Yes, i did once. I once decided if I should've stayed with an abusive boyfriend once. Turned out that i loved your Father more." She smiled. His Mother began to walk off back to the kitchen as he thought about his true love for Ally. He ran up the stairs and saw that his girlfriend, Annie who is the most popular girl in the school, was sitting on his bed waiting for him. Her blonde hair fell down to her waist, her glowing semi-tan skin was still sparkling, and her brown eyes were still somehow bright. He wasn't in the mood to talk to her. 

"Alex, we need to talk." She began. He rolled his eyes. Alex knew what this was going to be about. He locked his phone and rested it on his dresser. "Okay, let's talk." He replied comfortably. She stood up and walked to him. She was smirking at him. "I have been cheating on you." She finally confirmed. He chuckled. It was about time she spilled. He has known about her cheating since day one. "I've known since the beginning, Annie. I was actually going to call you when i got home." He said as he walked closer to her. "I wanted to tell you something. We're over." 

She began to tear up and freak out as if he was the only guy she has ever cared about which was a complete and total lie. "What?! You cannot break up with me!" She yelled. He laughed in her face this time. He can and he will break up with her if it was the last thing he'd do. "Oh but I can, and I will. You cheated on me and i have a right to. Goodbye, Annie. Leave my house." She began to cry and ran out of his room. She had no right to cry and get emotional over him since she cheated on him. 

A ding rang from his phone as he saw that Ally responded to his message. He was devastated. 'Wow, I'm so sorry.' He began, and then he decided to tell her about his break up with Annie. 'I just broke up with my girlfriend. She was cheating on me since day one.' Ally was editing one of her songs that she called 'A Memory Of You' that was inspired by thinking of Alex all day. The first lyrics were ' I started to think today why i never tell you how i feel. I even believed that what we could have could be real.' She was upset that she could never tell Alex how she felt about him, but too bad he already knew. 

"Zach" was the only guy she sent her songs to in order to get feedback on them. She was never sure and she couldn't let her little brother listen to them because he would say that he likes it without understanding the meaning behind it. Ally clicked on the file and emailed it to him. 'Just sent you a song. You know what to do!' She messaged him. Alex read the message and downloaded the song from the email. He plugged in his head phones and began to listen. He smiled knowing the meaning behind it. Alex knew it was about him. 

'Wow! This is amazing! As usual!' He replied. Ally looked at the message and sighed in relief. Her usual frown was now a huge smile. Ally was happy that "Zach" liked it. 'Why thanks oh great reviewer of all songs!' She replied. Ally was smiling like no tomorrow as she knew that Zach was her best friend at the moment. A loud thud came from above her were her dad would be sitting watching NASCAR like a normal lazy Father. His footsteps pounded like thunder clashes as they came closer to the door of the basement. She rolled her eyes as she knew what was coming. She was about to lose her best pal for tonight. 

“Hunley! Get up here buddy!” Her dad said. Hunley jumped off the cozy bed and ran up the stairs to obey a master. His paws pounded on the steps as if he were Godzilla. Ally sighed deeply and wished that Hunley was only her dog and no one else’s. She felt as if she had to go outside for something. Of course, there was a basement door so she could sneak out whenever she wanted to or pleased. Ally walked over to the door and opened it slowly. Her eyes went down to the ground where a letter laid. 

It had her name on the top in cursive and it was definitely anonymous, but we all know that it was from Alex. He had to express his feelings somehow or another. This was his chance. Now or never was his motto. Ally bent down and picked it up carefully. She began to wonder who laid this letter at her doorstep. Opening it, she smelt Alex. He smelt like the morning dew after a midnight rain. He smelt like peace. He smelt like her safe haven. It hit her that there could be a possibility that Alex even dropped it off. She began to read the letter within.

‘Dear Ally, 

I know you know me, but I have a secret. It’s a secret so surprising that I’m not sure if I can tell you who I am just yet. In fact, that would be the best idea. I’m not going to tell you who I am because I can’t let anyone know my secret. I read your blogs and I’m secretly one of your friends. You are so beautiful, Ally. Remember that. One day, I’ll enough courage to tell you who I am. Until then, I’ll continue to write to you until that day comes. 

Your Dirty Little Secret’

Alex walked back and forth wondering if Ally read his letter yet. It explained everything the scent of the letter would’ve given her hints and clues which he didn’t want. He was panicking badly and he was near to a heart attack. Alex did the right thing, though. He couldn’t tell her his secret in person and he definitely couldn’t tell her who he was in letter just yet. He had to wait. They were in middle school so his idea was to wait till their junior year of high school. He had to make no communication until then unless it was him writing letters or being Zach. He couldn’t look at her; bump into her, smile at her. Nothing. He couldn’t do anything about it, honestly.

He shook his hands as he saw that Ally was typing him back. Alex bit his lip as his blue eyes were sparkling with fear with a touch of curiosity. He was curious of what she’ll say to him and that was a thing he wanted to keep. ‘Zach, someone left me a love letter. It doesn’t say who but ‘Your Dirty Little Secret’ and that’s a bit strange because I have a possibility who it might be.’ Ally sent. Alex sighed deeply. He was fearful now. Ally knew that it was Alex and he didn’t want her to know in any way possible. His fingertips began to fly on the keyboard once more. ‘Well, maybe it’s that dude that you like to death. What’s his name Alec?’ He lied to her. He kind of chuckled knowing that his real name wasn’t Alec but Alex. He sat his phone down and fell on his bed with his face looking towards the ceiling. Alex’s thoughts began to make him wonder. Would she know his true secret or will the truth just slowly come out one day at a time? 

Ally sat the letter down on her dresser as her Radio blared out Cinema By Benny Benassi. This version she loved was a Skrillex remix. Her camera and her huge photography lamp flashed each time with her movement. She always got the best photo’s when she was working. She was no model but she hoped to be one day. Ally typed away on her laptop to a question someone had on tumbler. She smiled knowing that she knew somehow that the letter was written by Alex. Everything was laid out right there. The scent of the letter, the words being used. It was obvious to her, but she could’ve been wrong which made her doubt it all. 

“Ally, come up for dinner!” Her Mother squealed. She rolled her eyes once again as she typed to Zach telling him that she had to leave for dinner. Alex saw the message and knew that he had to talk to her later about all of this. Ally ran up the stairs and grabbed a bowl of soup that her Mom made. Sometimes she even wondered if her Mother poisoned the soup. Alex continued to lie on his bed with an expression of complete depression. He wanted to do the right thing but he couldn’t because he could be kicked off the Football team and be removed as Quarterback forever. Football was his life. It wasn’t number one because number one is Ally. Number one affects number one. It was simple as that.

Alex’s Mom came into his room and saw his expression. “Alex, are you alright honey?” Her voice said softly. He lifted his head and groaned. Alex had to tell her and get his own Mother’s opinion about the situation. “Mom, what if you loved someone and that someone was hated by the whole school without a friend in the county?” He asked. His Mother shrugged her shoulders and he was full of questions that didn’t seem right to him. He wanted to get rid of them and do the right thing about it. 

“Just – give it time, Alex. That’s the best thing you can do right now.” She said. She left and Alex returned to his depression. He never felt like this before and he didn’t want to start now, but he was because he loved Ally with all of his heart. He felt it ache and wither as much as possible, but - he was so close to telling her the truth. He had to wait until junior year. He has to. 

Ally was sitting on her bed watching Teen Mom as she ate her soup. She felt her heart flutter she thought about Zach. Ally shook her head as she realized that she was falling for Zach. "No, Ally. Alex. You love - Alex." She told herself. She wasn't sure why her mind went straight to Zach. She just knew that Zach was always there for her when no one else wasn't. What was she to do? She wasn't going to lay back, relax and watch her problems appear out of no where. She was going to tell Zach about the problem and - no that'll mess up everything. 

She knew one person that she could go to. She got on Twitter and searched up her friend Lexi. If one person knew what to do, it was Lexi. Especially when it came to love. Lexi was the major expert about it all because she was eighteen, a mother, and already married. Her phone then vibrated with the caller I.D saying Lexi on it. Perfect timing actually. 

"I was just about to call you!" Ally said. Lexi giggled as Ally turned her television off. She took a deep breath before she spoke into the receiver again. "It's about Zach. I think I'm falling in love with him, but i don't want to give up on Alex." Ally told her. Her stomach was going into pieces and she was wanting an answer. She wasn't sure what she would do. "Give Alex some time. Like, a long time and we'll see what happens." Lexi said. Ally was hoping she was right because she couldn't handle it anymore. 

Alex was once again at Ally's house. He took a deep breath and was about to knock on the door when Ally turned the knob to open it. Alex ran around the corner and panicked. He was unsure of the outcome. He wanted to be with her. He wanted to tell her, but somehow - he had this feeling that he couldn't. Alex always pulled back when it came to this situation. Ally opened the door and grunted. She was as aggravated as Alex was. A song she covered was playing. Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls. 

Alex heard these lyrics being sung. 'And I don't want the world to see me, 'cause I don't think that they'd understand. When everything's meant to be broken, I just want you to know who I am.' His heart was crying out to her. Alex wanted to run over there and hug her only to tell her that everything will be alright. Ally had her hands on her hips as her green eyes looked towards the ground. The wind was blowing slightly as Alex examined Ally's brown hair. He was hypnotized by her. She amazed him. Everything she did was perfect to him. Everyone would've loved her if they knew, but if they knew - then Ally wouldn't be the Ally that Alex adored. 

"I hate love and I'm nearly falling off, but I'm hanging on by a thread." She whispered to herself. She took in the beautiful, clean, fresh air and went back inside. Alex was going to do it! He was going to knock on her door and tell her everything! His huge smile went to a frown knowing that he was too big of a chicken to actually do it. A rose bush was sitting in the middle of the property line of her neighbor's yard and her own. Alex walked over and picked a beautiful, vibrant, red rose. He looked down at it as he smiled. It reminded him of her beauty and her talent. If only he had a fake rose to prove his never ending love to her. Then it would've been perfect! 

Alex walked over to the door and hesitated for a moment. "Well, here goes nothing." He whispered to himself. He knocked on the door and dropped the rose. Alex heard her footsteps coming. His feet made a run for it. Ally opened the door slightly with curiosity as she found that no one was there. She happened to look down only to see a rose on the ground. Ally bent over, carefully picked it up, and looked around for the person who laid it there. Alex was breathing deeply as the wind blew his red hair a little bit. He was nervous for his life. Maybe she will never know or maybe he'll just never tell her? 

Ally began to stare at the rose and thought of Alex. Her heart was aching for him as if they were somehow soul mates. "Oh Alex, if only i had to courage to tell you how i truly feel about you." She said disappointed. " I guess you'll never know." Ally turned around and went back inside. Alex was disappointed to but only in himself. He had to tell Ally. Alex was desperate to tell her but he did choose to let time make the path. He looked at the ground knowing that time is going to kill him until the day comes. He looked back where she stood and walked back to his house. Alex was in deep depression and no one knew about it. 

Ally was still working on her music as she stopped to feel something missing from her. It was like a piece of her had disappeared from her heart. She placed her hand were her heart is felt it beat with a sorrow cry. It was odd because she never felt this way before. Ally needed something that was missing from her and so did Alex. They needed each other. Alex was going to be busy trying to get her off his mind and it was going to be really difficult. He was secretly Zach whom was Ally's best friend. He couldn't just stop talking to her! Ally couldn't live a day without Zach by her side. Alex couldn't live without talking to Ally. 

"Hey, bro!" Alex's friend Hunter yelled out to him. Hunter had dirty blonde hair, with hazel eyes, and tan skin. Alex smirked and waved at him. "Bro, you alright? You don't look to well. In fact, you look - broken." Alex sighed as he rusled his fingers through his red hair carefully. Hunter sat his basketball that rested in his hands in between his legs. He knew that something was wrong with Alex. Alex then pushed his hands in his pockets and shrugged his shoulders. 

"It's just - you know that girl Ally Cremonie?" Alex asked. Hunter laughed as he nodded. Hunter didn't know that Alex had a crush on her. He didn't realize that thinking about her not being his was depressing him to death. "Yea, she's a joke." He said. Alex's sadness raged into anger as it boiled within him. Alex grabbed him by the shirt and got in his face as Hunter's feet were a foot off the ground. "Don't you dare say that about her ever again, Hunter. I dare you to say it again." Alex snarled in his face. Hunter threw his hands in their to surrender as Alex sat him down on the ground once again.

"Look, bro. I'm sorry, but I'm crushing on Ally. I think she's - something else. If everyone knew what she could do, then they would like her. Im very protective of her, bro." Alex confessed. Hunter's hazel eyes were wide open in shock. Now he knew Alex's true feelings. "Bro, you are on the line of your popularity." Hunter warned him. Alex gave him a look that said that i don't care about my popularity right now. 

"Sorry, bro! Gesh, didn't realize you cared that much!" He said. "But what about being the Quarterback?" Alex knew. He knew everything. The sun was beaming down at him at the perfect timing when a light bulb popped out of his skull. "Let's not say anything. I'll wait till junior year to tell her about my true feelings. If i do it before then, you can spill. I don't care about anything or anyone but her, dude. I've never felt that way about anyone before." 

Hunter sighed deeply as if he were disappointed in him. "What can she do, bro?" He finally gave in. Alex smiled big and realized that Hunter was his true friend. Alex grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him to her basement door. "Listen, Hunter. This is her voice." Alex said as they both listened in on a recording of her singing. Hunter was surprised. He had no idea that Ally could do such a thing! Alex was smiling as he knew being with her, hearing her, talking to her, and even seing her was his own safe haven. 

"I'm going in." Hunter said as he began to walk towards the door. Alex stopped him by the wrist just in time. "No! Don't!" Hunter looked back at him. Alex was scared that Hunter will spill his secret about his crush on Ally. Hunter wasn't going to do it. Hunter was going to become her friend. "I'm not going to tell her about you crushing, bro. Chill out." He said quietly. Hunter pulled away and knocked on the door. The music stopped as Ally grunted in annoyance. She slowly opened the door only to see Hunter. Her voice was caught in her throat. Ally had no words to describe the moment she has witnessed. 

"Hunter June?" She questioned. Hunter smiled. "I was in the neighborhood and i heard your voice. You are really good and i was just so happened to be with Alex! Can we come in?" He asked. Ally's green eyes were opened wide as she invited the two in. Hunter grabbed Alex's wrist and pulled him inside. "Woah! Nice place!" Hunter said. Ally smiled. Seeing Alex made her blush. Seeing Ally made Alex nervous. He couldn't stop starring at her, honestly. 

"Thanks. It's were i go to. Since everyone at school doesn't like me, I'm always here." She replied. Hunter was now feeling bad and hugged her tightly. She was surprised that Hunter June would hug her and actually be sociable with her. "i'm going to be your bestie for life! I don't care if the school hates me afterwards! I'm gonna be your friend!" Hunter sang. Ally laughed and smiled for the first time ever! Seeing that placed a smile on Alex's face. Not just a laughing smile, but a normal smile as if he planned for that to happen. It made him realize something. They were secretly forever.

The End

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