"NO!" The first voice erupted, echoing off the dry walls and interrupting my trance. All at once the heat inside of me flared and began to burn. The shadows were cast away from my eyes, and I saw that Marissa had hypnotized me. I realized that she really was powerful, like the day she had hypnotized Ben. I had misunderstood that when he kissed her...

Her back was to me now, and I knew it wouldn't take much to blast her into the next wall. But I couldn't shake the feeling that by following her, I could find the prisoners. I could find Tawny and Melody...

I stole a quick glance back at Ben, but Courtney and Kayla were facing him and blocking him from sight. It tore me apart inside, but I had to let him go, and I followed Marissa into the darkness of the cave. 

Where she took me was damp and dim, much more comfortable than the dry, bright atmosphere I had been in previously. I halted abruptly when she slowed, and she turned around to face me. Could she see that I wasn't in her control anymore?

"Are you alright, Jenn?" I nodded my head once, keeping my eyes unfocused and looking straight ahead. My body was so rigid if she had laid a finger on me I would've fallen over. But apparently my acting was satisfactory, because she swung back around and continued walking. As I was about to follow, she was suddenly at the other end of the cave, smiling happily. She lifted her arm and metal bars fell down from both ends of the tunnel, trapping me on the inside. I couldn't help it.

"What are you doing?" I yelled, racing over and running into the bars that held me back from grabbing her and blowing her out of the sea.
"Really? Did you honestly think I was going to lead you to the other prisoners? Yeah, right, like I didn't know you were out of my trance. No, you are going to stay here for the time being and think about what you have done." I glared at her and my hands were burning with fire.
"And don't think of trying to escape, these walls can handle anything, even your pathetic little fire Talent. Meanwhile, I have a date I must be getting to!" And with a sly wink she walked into the darkness of yet another tunnel and out of my sight.

It took everything I had to not fall onto the ground and cry. I felt so stupid for believing I could do this alone, that somehow I could save the kingdom and stop the mutant  Waterpeople. I couldn't even manage to protect the one I loved the most. I could only imagine what they were doing to him right now. They were probably locking him up in a torture chamber or preparing him for his "date". It felt disgusting to even think the word.

I found myself wandering aimlessly around the walls that held me prisoner, searching for a way out. But it seemed as if Marissa had told the truth, there was nothing I could do.

The End

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