The Return of Marissa

Her hair as dark as the midnight sky. Her eyes a bloody red, echoing every life she had taken in the past and welcoming those in the future. Her lips matched the color of her eyes, and her smile sent shivers down my spine. I only saw her face for a second, but I knew we couldn't hide from her. Marissa.

"Ben! Ben I saw her! She was right there!" I screamed at him. His face was suddenly very angry, the green in his eyes swirling like a hurricane.
"I know, I did too." I sat up and tried to see through the oncoming mist that was clogging up the water. But it was too thick, and when I looked back at Ben I couldn't see him, and I wasn't sure if it was because of the water or if he had been taken. My breaths stopped short when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Jenn, come on!" I sighed out and took his hand, silently nagging him for leaving me. Again. We took off from the shark's back, swimming upwards towards the ice. I was astonished to find myself keeping up with him and soon passing him.
"Ben, tell me what's going on." I saw him shake his head out of the corner of my eye. He let go of my hand and ran his through his hair.

"Alright, but you need to listen to me. Carefully. Got it?" I nodded my head, eagerly awaiting the tale that was frustrating him so.
"Marissa is one of us. She's a Water Person and so is practically everyone else at our school. Except that they-"
"Are more advanced than you," I interrupted when I remembered what Marissa had told me. Ben growled and I quickly apologized for cutting in.

"Anyway, their people are the ones who have infiltrated my kingdom. Well, our kingdom," he corrected himself. "That's why I was out here when I met you. I was just coming to get you, to keep you safe. I barely made it out of the kingdom. They're holding everyone hostage. My Father is being kept guarded in the castle. But they took my mother and Melody the-" he growled again. A slice of pain went through my chest. They took sweet Melody? How could they?! The pain and fear in my heart was suddenly replaced with a raging anger.

"And no one knows where they are?" I demanded.
"We have to find them! We've got to go back!" I pulled back and swam downwards, in a few moments entering the haze once more. But Ben grabbed me and held me while I fought back hopelessly.

"I need to get you back up to safety! You are going home, no questions asked. And then I'm going to take you to Vermont to see your Aunt. You cannot be harmed, I can't afford to lose you. Not even close," he insisted, his voice drowning out all the heroic thoughts piling up in my mind. But Melody, and his mother, my mind whispered to me. But the voice was fading fast as Ben stared into my eyes.

"STOP THAT!" I shouted, pushing him back and closing my eyes. I felt the urge to claw them out so he could never take advantage of me again.
"You can't do that to me anymore! Never again, got it?"
"But it's the only way I can get you to leave!" he whined, falling forward. I laughed spitefully.
"Exactly. So we are going  back down there, and we will fight for our home. No questions asked." And with that I grabbed his hand and tugged him back into the mist.

The End

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