"I  don't understand," I lied innocently. I knew he could tell I was lying by the way he rolled his eyes, but he explained it to me anyway.
"You see, I don't think the news of the attack was what the prophets had seen. I think it was something else, so that when we were attacked we would not fail. I think the important thing we were to receive was you." I said nothing, for I couldn't find my voice. Ben watched the emotions flicker across my face; confusion, happiness, understanding, despair.

"Jenn? I know this may be a shock but I feel that it is true. It's destiny, or rather fate," he contradicted, his smile drooping again. I tried to smile but couldn't find it in me. Had everything I'd known been a lie? My life? My family and friends? Could it be true that I had been abandoned here on purpose? My body felt stone cold, and there was darkness all around me. Now Ben noticed this too and sat up.

The shark sped up and I realized we were swimming through currents. Ben's hand tightened around mine and he muttered "hold on" into my ear. With his other hand he pushed me down directly onto the shark's back. And here I was now, riding on the back of a shark, breathing with ease underwater. This had to be real.

"Shh," he hushed, putting his finger to his lips. I shut my mouth and looked ahead at the dark, murky waters. I felt the shark's muscles contracting beneath me and we went even faster. I could tell by the way Ben's hand was shaking that neither of them wanted to be here. Where are we going? I wondered. Then I saw something that pretty much explained everything.

The End

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