The plot

"It started back when my Great-Great Grandfather was King. The prophets of that time predicted that on the day of December 25, 2009, we would recieve something. Something very important to our civilization. When the time drew near at the beginning of this year, my father assumed this important thing would be word. News, of something big. Most likely something bad.

Do you remember that Sunday, right after Christmas? When I was really late to your house? Well, my father was finally disclosing some information he had recieved on the 25th. The word we had been waiting for. It was bad news, and he made me swear not to tell a soul." He said, then a michevious grin replaced his frown. "But I'm going to tell you anyway."

"There was an undercover coup to overthrow the kingdom. Unfortunately, before we had received the word, the kingdom had already been infiltrated. So had the castle. Every worker and guard had been questioned and kept under tight surveillance, but there was no evidence, no proof that anyone was undercover. So my father insisted that I stay in the kingdom until the mole was ratted out. But I couldn't. He only allowed me a bit more time with you until he finally made me choose. But I couldn't leave you. Not like this." I simply stared at his face, not understanding his reasoning.

"Ben, are you insane? You should be down there, helping your kingdom, your family!" I exclaimed, shoving myself in his face. He remained calm, though, and pushed me back gently, holding onto my hands.
"You don't understand, Jenn. It wasn't- ugh," he sighed, closing his eyes. He stayed silent for a few moments before speaking slowly and distinctly.

"I know I'm telling you to remember back a long time ago. But the first week you came to my school. Do you remember that?" Well of course I remembered that, that was the week I had met him! No matter how many times I had tried to erase that first moment I looked into his eyes, I couldn't bring myself to it. I nodded once, keeping my eyes on his strained face. When I did, he let out a sigh and continued.

"The first day we met, when you couldn't open your locker. I had to help you. And when you told me your combination, you thought I was having a heart attack or something. That combination of numbers was crucial. You know what they were, don't you?" Somewhere in the middle of that sentence everything clicked. The lightbulb went off in my head, the missing piece found its way into the puzzle.

"12-25-09," I whispered through my lips. He smiled then, sunshine breaking into his face. It touched his eyes, the clover green sparkling with silver and gold.

The End

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