And then it happened. I was launched upwards by a hit from below. The shark had pushed me towards the ice and I reminded myself of an unstoppable rocket. I could see the surface of the sea, the sunrays escaping through holes in the frozen layer. But I couldn't stop myself from barreling right into the packed ice. I braced myself for the hit, letting out a shrill cry as my back contacted with the hard ceiling.

To my surprise, I melted a layer of the ice with my heat, so it cushioned the blow just a bit. But not enough that I emerged unscathed.

The first thing to touch the hard ice was my spine, and the force knocked my remaining breath from my lungs. I gasped and my throat filled with frigid water, the liquid falling to my stomach and filling my body with cold water. I was shivering so violently, I didn't notice myself sinking. Of course, my arms couldn't pull themselves back up and my legs felt like strips of wood.

When I became numb, I regained control of my mind and watched drown to the bottom of the ocean floor. There wasn't anymore air left, and whatever had been left was now stuck in an ice cube. I looked inside myself, trying to locate my heat, but found that it had all been extinguished.

To make matters worse, through my sagging eyes I saw a looming black shadow approaching from the side, its tail fin wagging back and forth dangerously. I closed my eyes and tried to go before I felt the shark eat me alive.


As much as I tried to die right there and then, something was holding me back. And now I truly felt what was keeping me from falling into the black abyss. Strong arms held me. The water rushed through my hair and I felt that I was swimming. I fought myself against opening my eyes, but there was a voice coaxing me to open them. The voice won.

"Jenn? Oh, please, Jenn! Wake up! Come on, please? Faster, faster!" My eyes popped open to see my personal angel staring down at me.
"Oh thank-I can't believe you-How did? Why would you-" A thousand words all fell from his mouth at once as he shook his head in exhasperation. I smiled and lifted my hand to touch his cheek. Good, it was really him. His eyes closed and his face softened.

"Hi, Ben. What are you doing here?" His melodious laugh echoed in my ears and reminded me how much I had really missed that laugh. His eyes were a piercing emerald green, their beauty only heightened by the cold water that surrounded us.

"Are you insane?" He asked laughing, but I could tell he was being somewhat serious. I tried to joke back, but my effort was lost.
"Not entirely. Listen, there's something I have to tell you. I-"
"You're a Water Person, I know," he interuppted, the happy tone in his voice gone. His face was serious as his eyes now probed  mine, looking for a sign of life. I was frozen. I couldn't move, because I felt that if I did, I might just explode. I guess all along I knew something wasn't right with me. Not that something wasn't right, just that something was different. But had I ever expected to be something that I used to believe existed only in fairy tales? No, not really.

"Wasn't that what you were going to tell me?" he asked, his voice raising. I forced my lips into a weak smile.
"No, I actually didn't know that. I was going to tell you that I can shoot fire from my hands. I know, I probably sound insane." Ben's face was shocked, his eyes wide and mouth gaping.

"Show me," he croaked out, and I obeyed, finding my fire. I guess I could call it a Talent now that I knew what it was. In my palm I produced a small ball of fire, perfectly controlled inside of my fingertips. I felt Ben shudder beside me and I extinguished it immediatly and sat up. I then realized that I was sitting on something soft and gray. I had to clasp my hands over my mouth when I saw the large shark swimming beneath me.

"Ben, I think you have some explaining to do." He nodded mindlessly, still staring at where I used to be sitting. His mouth barely moved as he started at the beginning.

The End

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