I was frozen, purely in horror. Why did I do this, why did I do this? I cried over and over again in my head. Surprisingly, my muscles began to defrost and my legs swayed back and forth with the current, propelling me forward.

I didn't understand how I was able to do this at first, but then I felt the heat welling up inside of me, and soon my entire body was glowing with the heat I was producing. It incased me, and I was able to breathe easily. I was also faster. I could swim down to the sandy bottom in less than a minute touch the grains with my fingertips.

It was an invigorating feeling, this freedom. It was something I had never experienced before in my life! For once I was doing something exciting, something unique, and all by myself. And I was doing it because I needed too, for a bigger purpose.

I looked up into the ice sky which was thick and packed.  Small specks of sun were shining through, but not enough to see 50 feet in front of me. I wondered how I was ever going to find this place, let alone find how to get back to dry land if I couldn't. I glanced behind me nervously, trying to spy any sign of the shore. Pitch black. Nothing. Everything behind me had disappeared. I shivered out of fear and swam full speed ahead. That is, until I saw the shark.

It was out of the corner of my eye that I saw the fin, not 20 feet away from me. It was going slow, at my level, then when I flinched it dove down and out of view. I knew that anytime it could pop out and grab me, but what I didn't know was- could I fight it off? My eyes darted suspiciously side to side, and I knew I was in mortal danger.

All of a sudden there was a shadow below me. My eyes flickered down to see a gleam from the darkness. I squinted, trying not to see what I knew was there.

And then it attacked. I lunged out of the way with a split second left to spare, and It shot up straight past me. I looked up to follow it, but it was gone again. My heart was thudding so hard in my chest, I was positive that even the shark could hear it. I kept glancing around me, not trusting my own instincts, but the shark had disappeared.

I continued swimming after a few restless moments and found myself growing tired. But I didn't want to stop moving for two reasons- 1. I didn't want the shark to catch up with me. 2. I had the worst feeling in the pit of my stomach that something was about to happen.

I needed to get to the dome. I didn't have a choice, so I pushed myself futher and further into the depths of the sea.

The End

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