It had been three and a half months now, and there hadn't been so much as an argument between me and my boyfriend, Ben. 

Snow had fallen on our city, coating the ground and building with a thick haze. Everyone was winding down from an eventful Christmas. Wreaths and trees were coming down, lights being shut off and stored away. I was preparing myself for the most romantic time of the year, Valentine's Day. But what more could Ben give me? He had already given me his love for eternity. And a pearl bracelet for Christmas, which he insisted I keep when I tried to refuse it. He told me the 5 pearls were from oceans all around the world, and that someday he wanted to see all of them with me.

We had been connected at the hip through Christmas and New Year's, and Teddy was really starting to warm up to Ben's brotherly attitude. Not only that, but he got him a remote controlled airplane for Christmas, which didn't hurt their relationship. 

This particular Sunday I was waiting in my kitchen for Ben to come over. I wanted to look my nicest, so I was sporting a long-sleeved blue silk blouse and black slacks. My hair was down and in curls and looked fabulous. Or I hoped it did, considering it took me an hour to do it.

But I was starting to get nervous. Ben was already half an hour late. I texted him ten times in the past  30 minutes, reminding. Oh yeah, and my Aunt had blessed me with my first cell phone for Christmas. A Samsung Rogue. It was pretty sweet, especially since Ben was top on my favorites list.

I moseyed on over to the sink and started washing some leftover dishes. My Aunt and Teddy were in Vermont again. Turns out Teddy had contracted a nasty version of H1N1. But he was recovering well. Also, much to my dismay, washing dishes was one of my chores I had to do while they were away, and the dishwasher was broken. I was hoping Ben could fix it when he got here.

Seven plates and three glasses later, I texted ben, who had convinced his parents to let him get a phone also after I got mine. It was a Sprint Impression, so practically the same phone.

He texted me back right away, and let out a sigh of relief.
Im right around the corner. b there in a sec

And surely enough the front door opened a moment later and a sweaty Ben walked through it. I ran over and hugged him. Even his sweat smelled nice.

"Wait, wait," he interrupted, pushing me back. I stared at him, confused. He smiled. "I'm going to ruin you shirt." I giggled and forced myself on him again.

"I don't care." A question occurred to me. "Hey, why are you so late?Almost 45 minutes!" His smile disappeared. He took my hand and sat me down on the couch across from him. He leaned across the glass table and I did the same.

"Listen, there's something I have to tell you." I took in a sharp breath. This wasn't going to be good, I could tell by his eyes.

He sighed and brushed his hand through his now shaggy hair. It was a shade darker and came all the way down to his ears now, but I still liked it.
"I don't know where to start. Okay, I'll start here. This winter is going to be a lot worse than anyone knows. We can tell by the currents. They're coming in harder than any other time before, and this tells us there is going to be a lot of snow. Heavy, cold snow  for long periods of time. And- and my Father had instructed everyone in the kingdom to stay below.  Including me." I thought about this for a moment, not understanding the problem. Then everything clicked.

"Oh." He nodded solemly.

"So my Father gave me a choice- to raise my kingdom and stay underwater for a few months, or to stay up here with you and come back in the spring." I blinked, already knowing his decision to stay with his kingdom and family. I mean, how could he not? He was born to be a ruler. It would just be a few months, anyway. I could survive that, right?

He spoke in a proud vocie "So I've decided to stay here with you." For a few moments, I was speechless. He has to be kidding, right? I asked a thousand times in my head. It couldn't be. And the next thing I knew, I was only his lap, happy tears erupting from my eyes. And he was holding me, laughing jubiantly. So this is love.

The End

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