Socializing is not my thing

After popcorn, cotton candy, soda, and about 5 corn dogs, I was wide awake, just as he predicted. The two of us went on the Tilt-a- Whirl what must have been 20 times, so many times that I knew more about the guy running the ride than I did my own Aunt.

Then we went on a rocket ship ride, and one that dropped at 50 miles an hour. Ben liked this one, but it made me feel nauseous. So, until my stomach calmed down, we went on a  slow ride through the "Tunnel of Love". When we got to the end of the ride, where a camera was set up, taking pictures of the passengers, Ben leaned over and kissed me on the cheek as the camera flashed. He bought the picture for me at the stand, and we walked hand in hand throughout the rest of the day.

Just as the sun was setting and we were sitting on the park bench holding hands, my head on his shoulder, I had to go and ruin the moment.

"Ben? I have a question."
"Anything." I hesitated. Did I really want to do this? Couldn't it wait until tomorrow? No, I decided. I had to know. I had a right to know!
"So, about Friday..." He looked down at me, and his face scrunched up.
"Oh yeah, that. Well, I was kinda hoping you forgot about that." I chuckled. Nice try.
"Nope. So tell me." I waited. "Please?" His eyes probed my face, and he looked back into the sunset.

"It's no big deal, really. Like my dad said, my Great-great  Grandfather built our civilization with his own two hands. He was the first of our kind, and the royal line, my family line, started with him and his Princess, Amelia. Amelia was also a Water Person, and together they had a son, my Great Grandfather. By then there was a small core of Water People living here, most likely nomads. And when word got out that their was another heir, people came flocking in.

You see, civilizations usually didn't withstand the variety of different cultures all in one place, and usually crumbled. But when the royal family kept progressing, so did the community. Eventually my father was born when my Great Grandfather and his Princess had him. That was the best reign of our world's history, and when the power was passed on, everyone was afraid it would be taken advantage of. But it wasn't and normal life went on.

And now there is me; the fourth generation. Plus, for the first time in history, there is another heir to the throne. If for some reason I wouldn't be able to rule," his eyes flickered to me, "Melody would become Queen. But I will probably become King," he added in a sad voice. 

"But isn't being King a good thing?" I laughed. He looked into my eyes sadly, then back down.
"Yeah, I guess. But the thing is- never mind." He shook his head and put his elbows on his knees. I laid my hand on his shoulder and pulled him back to look at me.

"Tell me." He sighed and squared his shoulders.
"Also, for the first time in history, the first and foremost heir to the throne is in love with a human." He stopped there, but kept his eyes on my face. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't find my voice. I couldn't say the three simple words I longed to tell him. I located my hands and moved them slowly to hold his. His eyes were becoming a light blue color as I watched, then they turned to pink.

He didn't break the connection, but I knew he was trying not to hypnotize me, so when I told him, it would be the truth. But this talent only made me love him more. It was a part of him. And I loved every strand of his being, and I realized that I had always known it in my mind. And now my heart knew it too. 

"I- I love you too," I only mouthed. But it was enough. He leaned forward, ever so gently and slowly, and pressed his lips to mine. Just for a tender second, but it was so pure that my entire body shivered when he pulled away. I closed my eyes and saw the instant replay in my mind, and although it wasn't as good as the real thing, it gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. I smiled, lips closed, and he mirrored my expression. I knew he was feeling the same as I did.

"Well, wasn't that just special?"I whipped my head around to the snarling voice in back of me to see three of my schoolmates watching us intently. They were Marissa, Courtney, and Kayla, and they were in only a few of my classes and I could already sterotype them. They were mean jerks who thought they were better than everyone else just because they were more privliged. I glared at each one and stood up, pulling Ben with me. I tried to walk around them, but Courtney moved to block my path. I stared at her expensive designer shoes.

"Excuse me."
"Where do you think your going?" She asked. I sneered at her.
"We are leaving now." An ugly smile stretched across her lips.
"Not with him, you're not," Kayla promised. 
"Get out of our way," Ben asked coming up next to me, only a hint of politeness in his tone. Marissa stepped forward and tried to pull our hands apart. His grip only tightened on mine. She grimaced.

"Come on now, Benny. You don't want her, trust me." Anger fumed up inside of me, and the image of punching her disgusting face popped up in my mind. But why was she giving us trouble. She

"Ben. What's going on?" I asked, suddenly aware that his grip on my hand had loosened a bit. I held his hand tighter, reminding him of me.

"Benny and Marissa used to be together," Kayla told me. I gaped at him, but quickly shut my mouth. I saw Ben and Marissa glaring at each other from the corner of my eye.
"It doesn't matter."
Courtney laughed evilly. "Oh please! He was all over her." I frowned, doubt pinching me.
"It doesn't matter," I repeated and turned to Ben. "Can we please go Ben? Ben?" He didn't answer, and I noticed that he and Marissa weren't actually glaring. He was staring at her, their eyes locked. He was looking at her like the way he looked at me, like he was-
in love.

"Ben?" My voice cracked. All of a sudden his hand fell from mine and he took a small step forward and kissed her. He kissed her right in front of me. Full-on lip action. My heart split in two. I stood there, not understanding his words for a moment, then took off running before the tears exploded from my eyes. 

The End

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