Just a Dream?

Everything was dark. Was it nighttime? Was I sleeping?That was the only possible explanation for the pitch black curtain surrounding me. Feeling around where I lay, light sheets met my hands. I pulled them off, a wave of cold air blowing me away. Ben must have found me in the bathroom and taken me home.  

I opened my eyes, realizing that they were closed, and assuming to see light. But it was even darker than it had been before, and I found myself scrambling for the covers to hide under. But they were gone. Now, instead of sitting in my welcoming bed, I was on a hard, cold floor, shivering in the night. I looked around, though it was useless to do so because there was no way I could even see my hand in front of my face. It was quiet too. It was too quiet for my taste. I needed something. Something familiar to keep me safe and warm, because frankly I felt extremely vurnurable right now. I felt the ground, expecting my fuzzy white carpet to brush below my fingers. But there was only a smooth stone floor beneath me. 

I jumped up, because suddenly, the stone floor was wet. My hands had a liquid dripping from them. For a split second it occurred to me that it was my blood if I had fallen out of bed. But I was in no pain, other than I was terrified. 

I began to walk around this hollow room blindly, reaching out to touch something, my desk, my bed, but all I connected with was freezing, dry air. I took a breath-and realized that there was no oxygen in this brisk air. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't move. I was immobilized from the neck down and crumpled to the floor, hitting my head on the hard rock. I gasped as the pain shot through me like a bullet, causing my eyes to water and cries of pain to escape numbly from my lungs.

Now I knew I was bleeding, and gushing at that. I was swimming in a pool of my own blood. I silently cried out for someone to help me, because I couldn't feel my lungs. I couldn't feel anything, except pain and suffering. My mind was the only thing still working in my body.

Pictures of my aunt, my cousin, my mom and my dad races through my mind, but I couldn't find any hope in them because they were whizzing by too fast, their faces blurred together. At last on of the pictures stopped dead in its tracks. The tears flowed heavily from my eyes as I gazed upon Ben's angelic face. I cried to him to come for me, to save me. He was the only one I needed right now. He had saved three times before already, and we had only known each other for a few weeks. When he saved me from drowning, he stopped the policemen from blinding me, and when we first met. When my eyes met his for the first time. The first time he had saved my poor, simple life by just being alive. 

So why wasn't he here now? Why couldn't he save my soul once more? I wouldn't ask again, I promised. I just needed sanctuary from this unyielding torture that was being brought upon me. But it was no use, I was not going to be spared.

I heard a noise. I'm sure of it! Where did it come from? Right in front of me, a yellow glow was becoming. Yes, yes, yes! Ben, I knew you would come for me! I screamed in my mind to him, calling him to where I was. The bright glow came closer and closer, until it separated into two pointed ovals. Wait, something was wrong. This wasn't Ben.

I could now see the shape of the monster, it's black eyes glowing and illuminating its body. Two legs, two arms, it came towards me, in a crouched position. And it sprung.

The End

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