no answers

"Jenn hold on," Ben tried to catch me. But his mother said something and he stopped chasing me. I lept at his oppertunity and hurried away, not exactly knowing where I was heading. I was actually trying to find the bathroom when I ran into one of the maids. Literally. She dropped the basket of laundry she was carrying and both of us fell to the wooden floor.

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" I exclaimed the same time she said, "Excuse me miss!"

"No, it's really my fault, I wasn't watching where I was going," I insisted. I bent down to help her pick up the shirts and pants that were now scattered across the floor, still feeling nausous. When everything was back in the basket, the lovely strawberry brunette helped me up.

"Thank you, miss. Is there anything I can help you with?" When I answered, asking where the bathroom was, I was looking into her eyes. They were georgeous. A chocolate brown, through and through, they gave the appearance of going on for miles.

"Um, yes. Do you know where the bathroom is?" She laughed at my ridiculous question.

"Yes, I believe I do. Follow me." She turned back the way she was coming from and led me upstairs to a wooden door.

"Thank you," I replied to the helpful maid.

I splashed some frigid water on my face and it immediatley cleared my head so my thoughts were straight. Okay, so one-

Ben was definitely a "mermaid" Prince.


I was some mythical princess whom would eventually marry Ben and become a "mermaid" Princess.

Three- And this last thought was a question even I didn't know the answer to-

He was in love with me. But was I in love with him?

Did I love Ben? I obviously like him, a lot, but love? Love is a big thing that, frankly I don't know what it is or if I was ready for it. There was so much that I needed to know, but I was terrified of asking. All I really wanted to do was go home and put this day out of my head, go back to when everything was so simple and normal. Why did any of this ever have to change.

My head suddenly got cloudy, and I felt extremely dizzy. I leaned against the marble sink for support. What's going on? I feel so weak. A jagged cough splintered  my throat, and I shut my eyes tight because of the pain. Before I could catch myself, I was on the cold white floor, the back of my head throbbing.

Then the darkness captured me.

The End

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