Ben then took me on a tour of his castle. It was amazing, just like out of a storybook. Then I continued on to meet his parents. It was, well, interesting....

"Hello darling!" A tall brunette cantered over to where Ben and I stood in the doorway. She took my hand in both of hers and waved them up and down. I smiled shyly compared to her huge grin.

"I'm Ben's. You can call me Tawny. My real name is Tanya, but I would like us to be friends, wouldn't you? Would you like me to address you as Jennifer, or Jenn, perhaps Jennie?" she asked. I tried my best not to laugh at her enthusiasm.

"Jenn is fine. Thank you Mrs.- er- Tawny?" I couldn't help but to be questionable at the nickname. Tawny backed up and an equally tall, yet heavier man with more muscles and facial hair  took her place, towering over me. His eyebrows were set in a "v" and he didn't look as comfortable as his wife was.

"I'm Mr. Ben's Dad," he tried to joke. Ben rolled his eyes and I let out a soft chuckle. "But really, you can call me Mr. Clearwater. You are always welcome here Jenn," he added with uncertainty. 

"Thank you," I replied shaking his hand. His was large and tight on mine, my fingers disappearing under his. After a few moments he stepped back, his eyes probing my face. Next to him Tawny had a shirt in her hands and was folding it without looking down. Her eyes were stuck peering at me, as if to see something better, I presumed. I looked at the carpeted floor.

"Has Ben shown you the kingdom?" Tawny's trilling voice asked me. I glanced up.

"Yes he has. It's beautiful." Her grin became impossibly wider, much like Ben's did. Now I saw where he got his heavenly smile from.

"It's our crowning achievement," she continued. "Did you know that Ben's great-great Grandfather built this civilization? Yes, it was built way before Carmichael City was founded. Back then he was the only one of our kind. But then others were attracted and that's when he met his princess. But that was very late in his life you see, and they weren't able to have many heirs except one, Ben's great grandfather. From then on the line grew and grew as the princes met their princesses and then they became king and queen and...." Ben's mother rambled on. But I wasn't listening anymore. What was this princess thing?! And kings and queens? A royal family. So if Ben's father was the king, that meant that Ben was... And princes needed a princess... And everything clicked.

"Excuse me for a minute," I choked out. What kind of fairy tale land was this anyway?

The End

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