The inside of Ben's house was a billion times more glamorous than the outside, with its flaming crystal chandeliers and mansion familiarity, I felt like a princess the moment I stepped through the front door! 

The moment I did step through the door, though, I was bombarded. Bombarded with people, servants of the house, I assumed with silver platters of food and delicate looking snacks. They looked normal, not wearing any maid outfits, that is. They followed us until we walked into a room with two couches, chairs and a card table, and the people walked off. This room must be off-limits, I convinced myself. Ben was beaming at me.

"Do you like it?" His childish smile was irresistible.

"It's very nice. Fancy. Not like what I thought it would be down here." His laugh melted my heart. I echoed it, and soon the two of us found ourselves seated on the burgundy couch. When the laughter died down, I found myself thinking. It's so easy to laugh with him. There's not an awkward moment. I don't even remember what was so  funny! I glanced at him. He was gazing at me, his eyes sparkling furiously. I blushed and turned away, I was sure my face was the exact shade of the couch I was sitting on. I felt motion and looked back to see a shadow in the room next to this one, probably the kitchen. Slowly, a little blond head popped out from behind the door frame. The little girls pigtails were high on her head, from there flowing freely down to her knees. Her blue-green eyes were the color of the sea after a storm. Her complexion was soft and fragile, and her curvy pink lips were in a tight line across her face. She looked nervous and she stepped into the room. One foot, one arm. Two feet two arms. 

Before I could blink she was on Ben's lap, her face inches from mine. She was exquisitely beautiful, much like Ben with her porcelin skin and exploding eyes. It was not much to tell they were related at least.

"Who's this?" I asked in an amusing voice, or so that's what Ben thought when he burst out in laughter. The little girl twisted around at him to give him a harsh look, then turned back to me with an impossibly huge grin on her face. Her teeth shined like little pearls and her voice was high and melodic.

"I'm Melody!" she chimed. Fitting. Ben wrapped his hands around her stomach and tickled Melody. She curled up giggled for minutes after he stopped.

"She's my little sister," Ben explained looking at the little girl with a loving expression. Melody continued staring at me with young eyes searching my face. I smiled.

"She's fast! Is it a Talent?" Ben's returning grin was of wonder.

"Now you're catching on!" That's awesome, I marveled to myself. It was so different, this underwater world, yet so much like my own. The materials that made up the civilization were the same, but the people who lived here were extrordinary. Melody small voice cried out,

"Oh I see now! She's that girl you've been talking about for the past year!" The girl was instantly out of his arms and in my lap, her knees on my thighs, her pink hands clawing at my shoulders. "My brother has been talking about you forevvverrrr!" She drawled out forever and rolled her eyes.

"Mel! I have not!" Ben said defiantly, staring at her hard, but I didn't mind what she was saying. I had thinking about Ben for a long time also. Melody now twisted in my arms to glare at her brother.

"Well you haaavvvee!" I chuckled and she looked at me again.

"It's crazy! At dinner, in the morning, after we get back from school it's "Jenn did this, Jenn said that!" I don't know if I can take it anymore!" She rolled her eyes and "huffed". I laughed openly at her amusement, I could tell she enjoyed entertaining me. I was somewhat surprised now at Ben's dedication, but still thought nothing of it. If something, I was flattered. Surely no one had ever thought of me like that before.

"Although," the little one continued, "Daddy says it's just because your Benny's princess. That's why he's so obsessed with you. Like Mommy is Daddy's princess. I don't get it though. Daddy say I will when I get older and it happens to me. But I don't want it to though, boys are gross!" Her nose and eyes scrunched up on the last part and her tongue escaped from her mouth. Her expression was hilarious, but I couldn't find my laughter. My eyes were glued to Ben's eyes, panic obviously swimming in them. What is she talking about? I thought this was just a crush, a weird, magical crush. Melody was on Ben's legs before my brain registered that she had stopped talking and out the door before I could argue. Ben smiled impishly and blushed.

"She doesn't know what she's talking about, don't worry." He looked away then, and a wave of relief washed over me. That was good enough for now.

The End

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