TBC x3

The city was magical, to  be exact. It was like a city of the future, something scientists could only dream of. It looked like New York City with people hustling and bustling all about. New York City without all the smog and litter and dirt and mugging. Everything was silver and reflective which contributed to the brightness of the sky. Once my eyes adjusted I saw skyscrapers that ended in a point and impossibly green trees and so many people, yet we snaked through the crowds effortlessly as we had in my own city. Everything was perfect. There were even planes in the air, not ten feet above us. I shielded my eyes as I looked to the artificial sky.

"Ben, is that a plane?" How could that possibly be? A plane flying underwater, how was I supposed to believe that? But then again, how could I possibly believe anything that was going on here, Waterpeople and such. But I did, wholeheartedly. I could see it right before my eyes. Ben laughed at glanced at me, his face contorted in disbelief.

"You really think we could fly planes down here?" He laughed again. My lips puckered and my eyebrows furrowed. It was just a guess.

"Well I don't know what goes on in this freaky world of yours, gosh!" I whined defensively. He stopped laughing instantly.

"It's not freaky, Jenn," he told me,  his turn to get defensive. He took a deep breath and explained. "It's another gift. That girl up there," his eyes flickered upwards to the rough outline of a female, "can fly, just as we can in water. That's what we consider flying. Sort of swimming through the air. As we are very updated in the latest and future technology, we have not yet figured out how to fly planes ten miles into the ocean and have them intact. Plus, what need do we have for them when we have our speed?" My face softened. It was nice to have that explained. I nodded slowly, taking everything in.

"And those skyscrapers, up there," I pointed to the reflective buildings, "what do you do in them?" I wondered, looking back to his beautiful face which was now frozen has he thought of an answer. He scanned my face, then opened his mouth slowly.

"Jenn," he started, hesitating before he continued, "what do you think makes the waves in the ocean?" He said nothing else and I realized he was waiting for an answer.

"Oh! Um, I thought it was the magnetic pull of the moon or something, right?" I answered cautiously. I really didn't want to be wrong.

"Wrong," he said fiercely. After a second he continued, "That's what they want you to think," a playful edge returning to his voice. I stared at him waiting for his next words. What was it then? 

"That is what we do in those buildings. It's sort of like an office, it helps find jobs for my people. It takes a lot of effort to create the waves in the ocean, it is considered a gift, able to bend water. But this also keep the ocean clean. Other people can talk to the sea life, even though most can do that already. I can, so can my parents and siblings," he said and went on without taking a breath.

" There are many ways Waterpeople must take care of the sea, it is our responsibility. Our duty, for we are the only ones who can accomplish it. Your people might think they are the ones replenishing and restoring the ocean, but the truth is that they are the ones who destroyed it in the first place, and what they think is reversing their mistakes is only making our job a bit easier. You know, not having to pick up loads of trash from the reefs and such. But that is really all. Do you understand?" he finally concluded looking at me as if I might faint from the excitement. Fat chance.

"Yes, I understand. So you're kind of like the protectors of the ocean?" It all made sense, seeing as it was very simple. A grin spread across his face. 

"Yes, but know this. We are not the only thing that your people believe myth, but if actually true," he warned. I was confused again.

"Like what?" I eyed him curiously, one eyebrow curving. He smiled wider.

"Pixies. Well, Nymph Pixies. Wood Pixies," he simplified for me. "They take care of the forests, keeping order and such. I know a few, actually," he said impressively, "maybe I can introduce you sometime." I didn't question this, as his face was serious. And I also didn't doubt there was more magic out there somewhere.

"Okay," was all I replied. We started walking again, and I hadn't noticed that we stopped. We walked along the street until the end of it, then we turned left. In front of us was a huge castle. Like the rest of the buildings, it was silver and reflective like a mirror. But it looked like a castle from fairy tales and did not fit in with the city decor.

Ben jumped in front of me. "Would you like to meet my family?"

The End

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