Glass Dome

The glass dome was, in fact, and underwater civilization. It was called, Morphentine City. We had entered through a watertight door with official security officers standing guard. At first, they hesitated on letting me through, but Ben convinced them I wasn't going to cause any harm to their beloved home. 

We entered the water chamber, and the water fell to the floor and out, leaving nothing but oxygen surrounding us. The silver on his arms and legs immediately began to fade away. In less than five  minutes, he was his normal self again. We continued through some more doors until we found ourselves walking through a dark corridor. I couldn't see a thing.

"Just stay close to me and be silent," he barely whispered. I didn't obey.

"How can you see, it's so dark!" I asked, attempting to match his level of quiet. I could sense him rolling his eyes.

"I told you to stay silent," he muttered, but I could tell he wanted to laugh. Then he sighed. "All Waterpeople have the ability to see in the dark. How else would we be able to swim at night?" I understood and fell silent. We walked a bit more, twisting and turning through an impossibly long hall. Suddenly, I heard footsteps clomping on the slate floor. Ben became still next to me. I gasped, Why was Ben afraid? I worried in my mind. If he was afraid, shouldn't I have been too.

Ben hushed me. Then a booming voice called out,

"Who is it there? State your name!" His voice was so demanding I wanted to say my name. But Ben squeezed my arm, silently telling me not to speak. Instead, he spoke out.

"Benjamin Clearwater, the Third." He said nothing more. There was no sound, no movement for seconds. Then another loud, deep voice called,

"There is another!" I heard fabric rustling. "Who is it? Tell us now!" A light emerged, illuminating their faces. I gasped again as I saw two brawny men holding bronze poles with green lights attatched to the end. The men had round faces, one with facial hair and one without. Their eyes were angry.

My heart beat faster, and my breathing sped up. As this happened the green light on the end of their poles grew brighter, almost white. The corridor grew hotter and hotter as the lights grew brighter, and I was forced to look away. My hand raised against Ben's to shield my eyes.

"Stop!" Ben's voice bellowed and echoed on the walls. The lights grew dim instantly. The heat wore off, and I could look back again. I could still see their faces. One man had piercing blue eyes, and the other had bright red eyes. Both were wary and afraid. I could see they knew they had made mistake. On the next second, two knees were on the ground and two heads bowed. At the same time, both said,

"I apologize, my Leige." I looked at Ben's face. It was hard. His eyes were scrutinizing the guards. He was still holding my arm. My heart fluttered.

"Stand up gentleman." The two men instantaneously stood erect, poles (or weapons, as I now took them to be) in their hands, the emerald light from them dimming even further. Their faces disappeared. "Don't let it happen again," he continued. Then he looked to me, and I met his eyes. He looked ahead and moved his hand down my forearm to place it in my hand. He squeezed once then muttered, "Come on Jenn." I obeyed and followed his lead.

We emerged into blinding light. I had to put my free hand over my eyes until they adjusted.

"Geez, Ben. Could it be anymore brighter in here?" I heard his pealing laugh, followed by his melodic voice.

"Just as humans, we need light. It serves us well in sight and growth. But we cannot have the real sun above us for multiple reasons. First, of course we are about ten miles below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. The real sun could never reach us here. Second, if the heat of the real sun was beating down on us, well, it would be unhealthy. It is not good for us in large measures. We would, well,  I suppose you could say, shrivel up." I cringed at this thought. Ben, wrinkly and small? Like a grape set in the afternoon sun to dry up and become a raisin? Gross!

The End

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