Sucked In

I had lost my breath. Was it from fear, or delight? I knew I should not be happy, but the feeling took over my body. It took all my strength to not let him in my house, but I left him waiting outside.

I mustered up all of my false hate towards him. "What do you want Ben?" He looked at me and said nothing. I looked into his eyes. The green was nothing more than a dull shade, a color commonly found on flowers. I wondered again why they changed so violently. But in them I found sorrow. 

The way his body was half-angled towards the door and half towards the street, how his mouth was set in a frown but would open and close again in a second, and how his entire face was contorted in a confused expression told me that he wasn't sure of something. What is going on? I asked myself. Should I let him in?

Against my better judgement I allowed my third stalker to enter my home. I closed the door behind him and followed him back to the sitting room. He and I sat on opposite sides of the room. He on the overstuffed leather couch, and I on the matching love seat. We just stared at each other for minutes. I didn't know why he was, but I was so mesmerized by his beauty once again that I couldn't look away. Then he broke the silence and our gaze.

"They don't want me to tell you this, but I have to." His voice was pained, and softer than a whisper. He looked at the 64-inch large screen TV which took over the room when he spoke to me. "I have to," he repeated. Then he looked at me. His eyes burned with intensity, and it all spilled out.

"They don't want you to know because no one knows. No one knows, and no one is allowed to know about us. I must be breaking all the rules by telling you this, Jenn. But you need to know the truth, because it includes you." He suddenly leaned forward and it seemed as if he was in my face. 

"You must know. Martha, , er, Mr. Galls, and I are not stalking you. We are all protecting you. Those two are only helping. I, am your official protector." I couldn't say anything out loud. But in my mind I was screaming, What are you talking about crazy!? My protectors? You, Martha, and who the heck is !? What is going on here? Ben leaned back in his chair in a casual position. I looked at him with a confused expression, but in the next second my Aunt came wandering down the stairs with her cell phone in her hand.

"Yes, yes," she said into the receiver while she slipped on her jacket and purse, "I will be there is twenty minutes. I am sorry but I haven't slept in thirty-six hours!" Just as she was walking out the sitting room door, she noticed her niece and a stranger boy waiting casually in the sitting room, just watching her. She looked at me for a split second, but left the room anyway. I looked back at Ben. As if I mentally demanded, explain, he continued.

"But first you must promise, no, swear not to tell. Anyone. And I mean it." And his face showed that he meant it. All trace of pain had dissolved, and any relief was washed away by seriousness. I shook my head, still unable to speak. He scanned my face again, probably to make sure I was sincere and looked down, preparing himself. In one second I was looking at the boy from what must have been ten feet across the room, and the next he was in my face, literally. 

"We are what you think mythical. I am what you think doesn't exist." His breath was sweet as it was not inches from mine. The intensity in his eyes was almost too much to bear now that he was so close. But I still didn't look away. "Aren't you going to ask what is going on?" he said, a playful color in his voice.

His face became happy and a smile formed on his face, revealing his bright white teeth. I opened my mouth, but no sound escaped. I couldn't speak. I couldn't smile. I was frozen in this position, leaning forward and staring at Ben unmoving figure.

"Are you ok?" He suddenly asked, his smile disappearing into a hard line. I then realized I wasn't breathing. I took a deep breath and inhaled his succulent scent. I closed my eyes and opened them. Ben was even closer. "Don't you want to know?" I figured out the reason I couldn't talk before was because I wasn't breathing. I took another deep breath and whispered, 

"What are you?" I smiled even wider. I wasn't afraid, I was excited, anticipating his answer. But he leaned back in his seat and rested his arms on the armrests. 

"Do you really think I can tell you?" The seriousness back in his voice. His eyes were suddenly dark. "Do you know what would happen to me if I did?" He laughed darkly.

I wanted to believe with all of my heart that he was kidding, that this entire thing was a joke he was playing one me. But his face was so serious, so real, that either he was a good actor and I was very gullible, or this was a real threat to him.

I said nothing and looked down. The white carpet was stained with brown from all the muddy shoes that had walked there. And I kept looking down while neither of us talked, because I was afraid. Afraid to know what was so bad that Ben's life could be in danger if he told me. 

Eventually, after minutes of silence, my eyes shifted up. His face was even closer than before. I almost fell back into the couch.

"Think about it, Jenn." My name was beautiful when he said it. "What was the founder of this city known for? What did they study?" I thought about it. Before I came to this city I read about its history on the internet. I remembered that the founder, , was a marine biologist. This location was perfect, because it cornered the Lake and The Atlantic Ocean, and all sorts of sea life wandered in around there.

"H-he was a marine biologist," I stuttered, embarrassed if I was wrong, "isn't that right?" He closed his eyes for a second. 

"Yes, but what did he study?" he asked as if I should know the answer. "You obviously didn't do your homework." I got angry at that, because I took pride in being an excellent student. At least, until he and his mysterious friends came along and stalked me.So I answered his question fully. 

"Mr.  Caemichael was a revered biologist who majored in marine life. His studies mainly consisted of deep-sea fish life and also deep sea plant life. He journeyed to depths of the water not many others had the patience or skill to reach. One of his major achievements, I think, was the discovery of warm-blooded mammals living in the Atlantic Ocean sea floor. Not many believed him, and he was branded crazy. But some still believe in the life of the "Creatures of the Deep", as they have been named. Mr. Carmichael graduated Harvard in-"

"Stop," Ben growled. He looked in my eyes. His were seeming to glow again, and were a brighter shade of green.  "Do you hear what you just said?" I pondered that for what seemed to be forever.I gasped when the truth struck me. Is it possible? I couldn't believe it. I just gazed at Ben, not seeing him now, but looking at him covered in scales and a big fish tale.


"Yes. And now," he chuckled, "I've got you sucked in too."

The End

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