The Best Day of my Life

I woke up at 8:00 AM Saturday morning from the sound of the door slamming downstairs. I was tired from waking up the night before, but too awake to get back to sleep. So I moseyed on down the stairs in my ratty t-shirt and gray sweatpants to meet my Aunt.

"Good morning, Jenn,"  my Aunt Amy groaned in an exhausted voice from the kitchen. I observed her. She was still dressed in her doctor's lab coat. Her hair was ruffled and her name tag was upside down. She dragged her feet as she laid the morning mail on the kitchen counter and then went to the pantry for a coffee pack.

"Wait, Aunt Amy," I said, hurrying over to the pantry and taking her hand, "let me make you some coffee."

"Oh, thank you," she gasped placing her hand on her forehead. "I have such a migraine." She plopped down on a stool in front of the counter and rested on her elbow. Her head soon fell on the granite counter and she was resting. I continued with the coffee and at the same time got her some Advil and a glass of  water and laid it by her head. She could take it when she woke up.

After pouring some hot coffee in a mug and setting it next to my sleeping Aunt, I began to open our mail which had arrived unusually early that day. Most were for her, bills and hospital things, but I came across one letter that was, in fact, for me. I slid my finger under the adhesive glue and pulled out a yellow paper. Progress reports already? I complained to myself. I hesitantly unfolded the report and discovered an overall grade of D-. I shook my head.

"How did I get a D-? No way!" I scanned the grades;

A, A+, A, A-, for the first week of school.

A, B-, B, C+, for the second.

D+, Missed Test, Missed Test, Missed Test, for the last.

"Dang it," I muttered.My grades had definitely decreased in the past days I had been thinking about Ben and Martha's disappearance. I knew this to be a fact, because I had noticed it myself but didn't really care. I threw the paper back on the counter and mentally screamed at myself. Then the doorbell rang.

My Aunt's head snapped up an looked around. I groaned.

"Sorry Aunt Amy, the doorbell just rang. Maybe you should go up to your room now, so you could get some real sleep?" I suggested. So she picked herself up without a word and clambered up the stairs. When she was out of sight I went to the sitting room to open the door. I took the metal knob in my hand, twisted it, and pulled the door open.

The End

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