A Dream is Worth a Thousand Words

On Friday I went to sleep, looking forward to being able to drop this facade of mine tomorrow and go back to being a plain, normal, healthy girl. 

I dreamed of the three people I had been trying to ignore that entire week. Against my wishes, I dreamed of them all night. I saw their eyes looking at me through my mind's eye, watching me.

Mr. Galls' amber eyes were burning rust color, and were speculative of me. Martha's striking blue eyes were glowing teal and blank, although I thought I could see some worry in them. Then were Ben's eyes. A shining, bright green, even brighter than after he had saved me from drowning. They were lime green, the leaves on a tree in the beginning of spring. But so bright, you would think he was looking into the summer sun. And they were sad, pained, tortured. I wanted to cry, their agony inflicting itself onto me.

And then another pair of eyes, ones I had not ever seen before, but frightened me more than anything else in my life had ever. The iris's were so dark, I couldn't  tell they had a ring of black around them. They were coal black. Pitch-dark black. Dark as a moonless, cloudy night. And then there were a few speckles of blood red.

And then I woke up. Screaming. In the darkness of my Aunt's house. I couldn't stop my bloodcurdling cry, but I was strong enough to turn and force my head into my pillow and let it dissolve. Minutes passed, and my scream softened into whimpers. But I was afraid to lift my head, for the cries might continue. So I stood up with my mouth still covered my the pillow and tip-toed to Teddy's room.

He lay in his little bed, curled up in a ball. The night light on the wall outlet illuminated the peaceful smile on his face. Probably dreaming of ponies or candy, I muttered to myself. I sighed a broken sigh in my pillow. My Aunt was working late at the hospital. AGAIN. But at least she would not be disturbed my my screams of terror.

I scurried back to my own room and lay down in my bed. I cautiously removed the pillow from my mute face. No screams, good, I encouraged silently. I rolled over and concentrated on dreaming pleasant things, such as the weekend, or the park in City Square, NOT thinking about my three stalkers or the terrifying eyes I had just seen. But somehow, to my dismay, Ben kept sneaking into my mind, so I borrowed some of Teddy's ideas. Candy, horses, rainbows and happy things. And I drifted off to sleep, picturing a white, majestic unicorn with a candy mane, who was standing on a rainbow with Ben in the saddle.

The End

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