I didn't go to school again that week.

I faked getting the flu in the end of summer. I felt that this was completely justified. I couldn't just wander around school or the city knowing that these three people were stalking me! Me, a totally normal girl. I wasn't anything special, so why did they choose me to freak out? To toy with my emotions. The first friends, if that is what you would call a middle-aged woman, an old man, and cute guy, to accept me in this stranger town were creepers intent on following me.

By Friday I had made my story. The were all predators who chose to feed on me, the new, lonely girl, their helpless prey. They were in it together. Maybe they were all related or something. I had no idea what they wanted with me after that, but I figured it had to have been bad. At least now I knew and was prepared.

This all supported my theory that you cannot trust others. I could not trust others. Not my parents who had left me, not my Aunt who didn't deserve my trust by not giving me hers (she had never forgiven me for sleeping through her phone calls that one night), not my friends back at my real home who hadn't contacted me since I left, not anyone. You could only really trust yourself. I could only trust myself.

But what did you do when you betrayed yourself? Who would you trust then. For as much as I wanted to hate the people who led to my fake illness and trust issues, I couldn't. It wasn't so hard letting go of Mr. Galls, for I had not known him very well. Martha? Well, that was more difficult. She had been the first person to talk to me at Bridgemountain, and I was grateful for that. But I couldn't let that stop me, and I let her go.

And next comes Ben. The more I thought about him, from his personality I had only known for a couple of days to his dazzling green eyes, I couldn't find it in me to break his string and let him fly away in the breeze. It was, truly, painful. 

And by the end of the weekdays I had thought those three people over and over and eventually put them out of my mind. I focused on other things, like doing the laundry and dishes and catching up on my missed homework. 

The End

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