I woke up on the couch the next morning at 4:00 AM and realized that it was Monday. I had the sudden urge to totally freak out at my Aunt Amy or not waking me when she got home from work that night, but kept it under control. Instead I calmly marched upstairs to her room and pushed open the door to find an empty bed. I walked two feet to cross the hall to Teddy's room, to find that he was not there either. So where was everyone? I still had my watch on, seeing as I had not taken it off the night before, so I checked it. Yes, it was definitely four on Monday morning. I went to the kitchen and saw the phone blinking. I pushed the button on the recorder, and it said,

"You have three new messages. First Message:" I listened closely.

"Jenn, it's me," my aunt, "I have to stay over at work tonight. Big rush in the Emergency room." Of course. So that explains that. "I called Mrs. Lenhart and she said that she would bring home Teddy. I don't want him to sleep there and be worried all night, so she is gonna call and then bring him over. Ok love you." Then a dial tone. I pushed the button again for the second message. 

"Second Message:"

"Hello? I hope this is the right number. Jennifer? This is Mrs. Lenhart. Are you there, can you please pick up?" Why hadn't I heard this? I was not a heavy sleeper. Mrs. Lenhart got a little louder. "Jennifer," she called through the phone, "your aunt said you would be here. I don't know why you're not picking up!" She sounded really frustrated. Probably from having two four year-olds running around her house all day. I kept listening, wondering why I had not woken up. "Alright, well I guess I'll call your aunt back. Please call me if you get this message." And a dial tone. She didn't even leave me a number, though I supposed it would be somewhere in my aunt's phone book. I pushed the button for the third message. My aunt was screaming,

"Jennifer Bahr Carriage! You'd better hope you're in the bathroom because if I find out you are at a party you will be grounded until the end of next year! Teddy is staying at Mrs. Lenhart' s house and I hope you feel bad for him. Horrible!" The phone was slammed down and then a dial tone sounded. I rested my hands on the cool granite countertop and shook my head. I was is deep trouble. How could I have slept through that? At least Teddy would be at his babysitter' s in a couple of hours, and Aunt Amy wouldn't be home at least until tonight because of her regular shift. So I had to focus on getting ready for school, since I was wide awake now thanks to my aunt's screaming. I wondered how school was going to be today, secretly hoping that Ben and Martha would be back. Well, I would just have to wait and see.

The End

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