Angel vs. Devil

The weekend was, uneventful, to the the least. I stayed at home and watched TV. Home being my Aunt Amy's small apartment in the city. She was never home, since the hospital worked twenty-four hours plus over the weekend. And Teddy stayed at a babysitter' s all of Saturday and a friend's house on Sunday. So where did that leave me?

It left me to think without the slightest interruption. I thought about everything, about home, my family, my friends back in Sadestown, and why I couldn't be with them. The whole reason I was staying at my aunt's house in Bridgemountain was because my parents were on a world cruise. Without me.

"But it's not for personal pleasure, oh no," they told me, "it's for work." Work.  Their work was the reason they abandoned me for a year and a half. The reason why I was forced to live in this big, smelly city, twelve stories above the crowded streets of this overrated place. And why I had to ride my bike to a school where practically no one talked to me, the teachers were mean, and the classes were the hardest I'd ever taken.

But while I was wallowing in self-pity and anger, a new thought occurred to me. 

A tiny voice in the back of my head reminded me, "But if you had never come here, you would have never met Ben, or Martha, remember?" And at that thought, I grinned. The angel in the matter had emerged, and I came with it, out of my black hole. But the devil followed right behind. 

"Yeah, but they both left you. Martha is gone for who knows why, and it looks like you scared Ben off! Nice going! Yeah, this town is great." it muttered, and I fell right back into my hole. For some reason, Martha wasn't in school, and as much as I wanted my feelings to be wrong, I had a feeling that she wouldn't be returning for a while. And I hadn't seen Ben since lunch on Tuesday. And it was Sunday now, almost a week since I, and I did come to believe this, had scared him away. 

So I thought these things through on my aunt's couch while watching TV and eating potato chips, and, without realizing it, slipped out of conciousness and escaped into dreams.

The End

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