Same old, same old

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday went the same as Tuesday. I made sure I was at school early, I tried to be as inconspicous as humanly possible, and I packed PB&J for the rest of the week. But one thing I set out to do was to learn the cashier lady's name. It was Martha. 

The weekend I spent with my Aunt Amy at the beach in Ocean City, New Jersey. Just a few hours ride. Nothing exciting happened, except for her five-year old son put sand down my swimsuit, now that was not fun. And we didn't go in the ocean, and I was grateful for that, because it was cold, and I am also afraid of the water. But I didn't meet anyone with dazzling eyes like the people back in Bridgemount Middle School. By Sunday night I was ready to collapse on my bed and sleep for a week. For the first time in a while, I wasn't looking foward to tomorrow.

The End

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