Three hours left

At 12:00 PM I had lived through eight classes, and was heading down the stairwell to lunch.

I had run to homeroom after Science Class, which was last before lunch, and arrived just as Mrs. Gerando was locking the door to the classroom. When I got there I was panting like a dog from running up two flights of stairs and accidently interuppting three classes trying to find 216. 

"Mrs. Gerando," I panted, taking a deep breath between Mrs. and Gerando, "please do not lock the door yet. I need my lunch bag," I pleaded in my most innocent tone of voice. 

"First of all sprinting through the halls of Bridemountain Middle School is not permitted." I apologized and she continued. "And secondly, you will need to arrive to my classroom five minutes before 8th Grade lunch is dismissed to the cafeteria. I leave directly after my students and the door is locked. I won't allow tardiness in whatever manner."

"I am sorry, but-" 

"No excuses!" She cut me off. "I know you are a new student here, but I treat all of my students equally as if to make every feel the same and to encourage perfection amongst them. So please, try to fit in." she finished. The key turned in the lock and the door swung open. "Go now and retrieve your lunch." I darted in, making sure not to seem as if I was in a rush, and hurried out. 

"Thank you, Mrs. Gerando," I said and walked quickly around the corner. From there, I ran.

The End

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