First Day

Bridgemountain Middle School is at the south end of the city of Carmichael City. It is a tiny city and has a whopping population of 4,560 people. Why a place with so little people is called a city beats me, but this is where I lived with my Aunt Amy for my eighth grade year of school.

In all, there were 300 students in the entire school, each grade (sixth, seventh, and eighth) rounding out to about 100, give or take a few.

The school is located on top of the Bridge Mountain, the highest point in Carmichael City. It is also the point where the Carmichael River flows north and meets with Lester Lake which connects to the Valley River, and that river flows all the way out to the Atlantic Ocean with no interruptions whatsoever. About 35 miles or so.

The city itself was founded by Jonathan Carmichael the Third. He built the city in honor of his father who was a marine biologist, and who lost his life to the ocean. From the history books the city library has kept since the very beginning, the citizens have found that Jonathan Carmichael the Second and Jonathan Carmichael the First had dedicated themselves to the research of unusual marine life. Life that many people had never believed in even their most wildest dreams, but they so wholeheartedly believed. The study of the mer-people.

The End

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