My Brain is WinningMature

I had gotten to my grandparents house just in time for dinner. My grandmother was confused why I was home on a Tuesday, seeing as I always come on a Friday, but was happy to see me all the same. My grandfather, on the other hand, was worried that I had been kicked out. He wasn't all that far from the truth but I couldn't tell him that. Instead I told them that since Kyle was a senior, he was getting a lot of pressure from his teachers on which college he should go to, what he was going to do for the rest of his life. So to ease off some pressure, I was going to stay at home for a while. They bought it. It wasn't exactly lying since he did get lectured, but he told me that his plan was to take care of me and make sure I'm happy.

I ate some pasta and laughed to myself. Look at how happy I am now. In my head, I was thinking that this will all blow over by the end of the week. But in my heart, I knew that this situation wasn't just going to fix its self. Suddenly not in the mood to eat, I washed my dishes, said goodnight, and went up to my room. I needed to get my mind off Kyle so I started my homework. Unfortunately it was easier than I thought and finished in 30 minutes. I shut the lights off and attempted to sleep. I failed. I stared up at the ceiling and thought.

Maybe I was wrong and he was telling the truth. There really isn't a reason for him to lie, beside being embarrassed of being jealous. I should apologize to him. Wait, that is a good reason to lie to me. Why should I have to apologize to him? I shouldn't have to say anything to him. He's the one that has a problem. He needs to apologize to me. God! I've gone completely insane. My brain and heart are having a battle, and it looks like my brain is winning.

I groaned while rubbing my face vigorously, trying to make sense of my mind. I looked back up to the ceiling. I tilted my head. Looking up there reminded me of how Kyle and I first met. How he had kissed me so gently. His soft, experienced lips against my untrained ones. The way he caressed my pale skin. I reached into my shorts, pretending it was his hands. Hearing the slight huskiness in his voice, asking for permission to touch me and making sure that I was okay. Both of us were stripped down to nothing and his muscular chest was pressing against my stomach as he kissed my neck. Then he reached down lower, holding my membrane and stoking it ever so lightly against his own. That's when he whispered into my ear, 'Can I put it in?'

I remember saying yes not because of the drugs, but because I was so aroused and him being so kind. He put on a condom at that moment. Kyle hoisted my legs up and slowly penetrated me. I gasped at his movement. Making sure I was okay, he asked if he could start moving. The next thing I know, he gradually glided in and out, feeling me on the inside. Not long after were we in sync and he advanced, being as gentle as possible. I looked up into his face, clutching his back. He looked so handsome and erotic. His face showing the pleasure of each thrust. Kyle opened his eyes to look at me, including a passionate kiss.

I stopped my hands and lifted up my blankets. Looking at what I've succumbed to. Jerking off wasn't going to solve anything. Besides, it wasn't even the same. That's when I fully grasped that I desperately needed him. It hadn't even been a day and I couldn't stop thinking about him. Tomorrow, I was going to change that. I should be happy at the fact that he was jealous. I'll just explain to him that he his the only person in my life and nothing or anyone is ever going to change that.

The End

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