Boost of EnergyMature

After taking in what Mr. Kordecki had told me, I had the confidence to walk down the halls with Kyle. Not having to worry about other peoples comments. When Kyle finished talking to Mrs. Anu, I went right up to him and kissed him.

"Woah, where did this boost of energy come from?" Kyle laughed.

"No where really. I just got a shot of confidence," I answered. He looked at me with a questioned look.

"And who did you get this from?"

"Mr. Kordecki, I talked to him while you were in there," I said, pointing to Mrs. Anu's room. Kyle stood confused at first. Then he put an arm around me and the other hand up to my chin.

"Well then, I guess I'll have to thank him then," he chuckled, "And maybe I'll schedule some sessions for you to talk to him. Get some more of that confidence that that is making everyone speechless."

"Huh?" Kyle pointed in front of us. I looked and saw that everyone was staring at us. Some were scowling. Some were shocked. Some were even smiling and wooting. The blood rushed to my face. I just realized I had kissed him in front of so many people. I put my hands to my face, dying of embarrassment. All that confidence I just had left me in less than a second. Everyone is going to talk about this forever.

Kyle stared down at me with a big smile. "Come on, the bell is gonna ring soon and we need to get to work." I looked up at him as we started down the hall.

"How can you be so calm?" I yelled.

"Well, I thought it was cute of you to just kiss me like that. I like that side of you, Codey, so there's really nothing embarrassing," he said, rubbing the back of his head and smiling really big. Hearing this made me blush even more. Kyle laughed and kissed my cheek. Surprisingly, instead of freaking out, it calmed me.

By the time we got to the janitors room, the students had hurried to their classes and cleared the halls. We got changed and started cleaning the halls with our brooms in hand. I told Kyle about some of the things that Mr. Kordecki told me. After that, we were silent for a while but it was  good kind of silence. The head janitor, Mr. Stevens, came to me asking for help to clean the cafeteria, apparently, there had been a small food fight. I agreed.

"Kyle, do you want to come and help?" I asked.

"Nah, I have to go clean up the locker rooms. Fun?" he said sarcastically.

"Heh! Well, I'll see you after school then," I laughed. At that moment we went our separate ways.


Kyle got to the gym and started cleaning. He had a small grin on his face from remembering me kissing him. He was humming and dancing with the room like a dork. Then, he stopped because he heard voices. Kyle walked over to the locker room doors and found a couple of baseball players in there. He was about to walk away when he heard Codey's name. He peaked through the door to see Craig and three other guys.

"I'm getting tired of that faggot making an uproar," said Craig. The others agreed with him simultaneously. "Good, so are you guys ready for the plan?"

"Yeah, wait, uh …  what plan?" asked the short, chubby one. Craig sighed heavily and slapped his forehead.

"The one where we break that prick, Codey Spotwood!" he yelled.

"oh, okay! Yeah, I'm ready for that plan. Hehehe," the chubby kid laughed. The other two boys punched the kid on his shoulders. "Oww!"

Kyle was confused and raging wit anger. He wondered what exactly did Craig means by 'break'. The boys bumped into Kyle.

"Hello, Craig," Kyle said with a sadistic tone. Craig could sense his murderous aura. He cleared his throat.

"Hey … Kyle. What are you doing here?" Kyle stared him down.

"I'm a janitor, I clean this area today. And you four are skipping class."

"We were just leaving," Craig walked off, pushing Kyle's shoulder. This ticked Kyle off. "Oops, sorry. Did I hurt you?" Craig asked sarcastically.

"Oh no, of course not. Although, I think you're the one who is feeling more pain than I am." Kyle turned around and smirked at Craig. Craig gave him him a confused look. The next thing you know, Kyle's fist is planted right in front of Craig's face. He yelped and fell backwards to the ground. Craig put his hand to his face and looked at it.

"Wh-what the hell man!"

"Hm? I didn't even hit you and you're still complaining. You even screamed like a girl," Kyle chuckled. The three boys tried to help Craig up but he only pushed them away.

"Let go!" He stood up quickly, "You son of a bitch!" He put up his fist when-

"What's going on here?" questioned Mr.Kordecki. They all looked at the gym entrance, Craig quickly putting down his arm.

"Nothing Mr. Kordecki,"Craig said steadily, "We were just having a … little chat." Kordecki walked across the gym to them, his footsteps echoing.

"Well, can I see your hall passes because I don't believe that all of you have free period," Mr. Kordecki asked, holding out his hand. All of their heads went down except for Kyle. He just stood there, arms crossed. "Okay, my office. Come on let's go." he said. Craig's friends headed out of the gym. Before Craig followed, he whispered, "You are so dead," to Kyle. Kyle restrained himself in front of Mr. Kordecki.

Once everyone left the gym, Mr. Kordecki stopped Kyle from going back to cleaning. "I didn't say you can go any where. What was with you and Craig?" he asked. Kyle hesitated.

"It was nothing, he was just talking crap."

"And by crap you mean about Codey?" Kyle looked at him with a shock. "Yea, I know about you two already. You two have the same reaction."

"No, I wasn't shocked because of that. I was shocked because Codey was right, you are a mind reader." Mr. Kordecki raised an eye brow in confusion.

"Well anyways, you don't have to worry about Codey. But if you have reason to believe he is in danger, I advise you to be careful." Kyle stood in silence.

"I don't know what Craig is up to, but I know it's not good. Would you mind keeping an eye out too?" asked Kyle.

"Sure, anything to help a friend."

"I'm your friend now?"

"I was talking about Codey …"

"Oh …" Mr. Kordecki got to the door of the gym and stopped.

"Don't worry, we can be friends too," he said then left, Kyle couldn't tell if he was sarcastic or serious. Either way, he shook his head and smiled as he continued cleaning.

The End

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