I Guess He Can Read MindsMature

First day back at school, Kyle had his arm around my shoulder, keeping me close to him. It would've been nice if people weren't staring at us. All around school, people stared and exchanged whispers like 'when did they start going out' and 'I cant believe went for someone like Codey'. There were worse comments than that too. It made me feel like I'm not good enough for Kyle. For a while, I started to feel depressed but he would cheer me up by saying 'Don't pay attention to those losers. They're just jealous of you. And if they start picking on you, tell me cause I'll kick their asses.' I really like that he is looking out for me but, I don't want him to get in trouble for something as stupid as that.

Whenever I get confused about something I would usually talk to Ms. Carter. Her and I have been on good terms since she got here. She always helps me with my problems. In return, I help her with some of her paperwork. Sometimes I will even give her some advice on how to hook up with Mr. Kordecki. Ms. Carter has had her eye on him since she got here.

Anyways, since Kyle had to stay back in Mrs. Anu's class at lunch to talk about his test, I decided to talk to Ms. Carter. As I walked into the office and waited by her door, I braced myself for her reaction. She's been trying to get me to ask Kyle out for a while now. I knocked on the door and walked halfway inside.

"Avery, I have some news that you might like to–." I paused, Mr. Kordecki was sitting in her chair. He might be doing paperwork by the looks of it. He stopped and looked up at me.

"Ms. Carter is … a little sick from break and will be coming back shortly," he said with a monotone, "What is it you need?" He leaned back in his chair then stood up, making his way towards me.

"Um, I just wanted to tell Ave-, I mean Ms. Carter something but I'll just wait til she gets back," I answered, slowly making my way to the door.

"Come in, sit. I'll write down your message and deliver it to her," he said shutting the door and pulling out a chair. I sit down cautiously. I've never really had a one on one talk with Mr. Kordecki. He always seemed to type of person who dislikes conversing with people. Plus, he never eats lunch with any of the staff unless it's Ms. Carter who asks. And even then she has to beg and plead.

He sits back into his chair, hands folded on the desk. "So, what is this message you wish to give to Avery?"

"Well, it's more of a private thing …" I replied in a low voice. He stared at me as if he was reading my mind. He closed his eyes and sighed.

"Is this about you and Kyle having a relationship?" I guess he can read minds.

"How did you–"

"I hear the rumors going around school while I do my rounds in the hall." I blushed. As if feeling my embarresment, he spoke again. "Well, I congradulate you and Kyle," he reassured. "Did you have a question about your relationship?" I looked up fast. What exactly was I questioning about? I lowered my head, thinking about why I came here in the first place. Maybe I just wanted to tell Ms. Carter about Kyle and me. But I remember before that I was feeling insecure, that I wasn't good enough for him. I know he told me that I didn't need to worry but, that just made me worry even more. I cant talk to Mr. Kordecki about this. It'll be too awkward.

"… No, that's all." I stood up and made my way for the door. Mr. Kordecki picked up his pen and started writing again.

"By the way Codey, you shoudn't listen to what everyone is saying about you and Kyle. I think you two make a great couple." I stopped with my hand on the door knob. "Listen, you two both like each other very much, correct?" He paused waiting for my nod, "Then there's nothing to worry about. With that alone, you can push other peoples rude comments aside." I turned around, shocked. His head was still down, continuously writing. I stood their for a while. I don't know if that's what I needed to hear but, it made me feel a lot better. Now I can see why Ms. Carter likes him so much.

"Thank you Mr. Kordecki," I thanked with a smile.

"Please,call me Gregg." For a slight momnet, I swear I saw him smile.

"Thanks, … Gregg."

The End

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