Come And Live With MeMature

It's been two months since I've started hanging out with Kyle. And once again, today is a normal routine: I go to school, wait thirty minutes after school to hang out with Kyle, go to his house to do whatever, and then go home. The thing I still find strange about this schedule is that I always have to wait after school. To me, it's wasting time. So I decided skip sixth period, his prep period, to follow him. See what he was up to.

I followed him all the way to near the gymnasium. Why was he heading there? He looked around and walked into the janitors closet. Was he meeting up with someone secretly? This got me angry. Wait, why would I be, it's none of my business in the first place.

The next thing I know, The janitor I saw in the parking lot the day of the party came out. Where did Kyle go? Was that really him? This was weird. I have to find out if it really is him. I ran down the hall and bumped into him by 'accident'. We both fell to the ground, his hat coming off.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to-," I apologized. I took the hat and went to give it to him when I saw his face, "So it really was you!" Kyle grabbed the hat and put on.

"Shh! You don't have to yell it," he commented, angrily.

"Why didn't you tell me you were the janitor, I could have helped you out."

"Maybe it's none of your business what I do!"Woah, he was getting pretty angry.

"Sorry man, I didn't mean to make you angry," I said apologetically, "So, why are you doing this?" I helped him up, he sighed.

"Since I live by myself, I needed a job to get money for rent," Kyle explained, "The school said that I could work as a janitor since I was a senior and had a free period." He looked so embarrassed."Please, don't tell anyone about this!"

"Don't worry, I won't. But you could have told me that to begin with. There's nothing to be ashamed of," I told him, "I actually think that it's brave. You're being independent and you have a job. That is some pretty amazing stuff." Kyle looked shocked.

"Are you serious? Do you really think that or are you bullshitting me?"

"I'm completely serious, I wish I could be independent. I feel as though I'm a burden on my grandparents," I sighed. We were in complete silence.

". . . Why don't you come and live with me?" Kyle suggested. I thought he was crazy.

"I cant do that to you, I don't have a job to pay half rent anyways."

"You have a free period here, we could move your schedule around and you could work here with me. What do ya say, partner?" He reached out his hand, wanting me to give in to his childish thoughts.

"You only have one bed."

"It's a big bed, and we already know that you and I can fit."

"You would have to deal with me 24/7."

"I don't mind." I thought more about it. His logic was very legit.

"Hell why not," I said, shaking his hand. He picked me up and swung me around.


"Okay, Ok, but if you try to get me to read porn one more time, I'm out." He complained but he finally gave in. I was gonna live with someone that I don't even completely know. Oh well, this might be fun.

The End

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