Kyle and I both sat across from each other at the dinning room table sipping coffee, in silence. I have know idea what to say to him. Should I tell him about what happened between me and my father? No, then he'll surely take advantage of me or will be disgusted. I took a sip of my coffee and nonchalantly caught a glimpse of Kyle. His expression showed nothing of what he was thinking. It just looked blank. Maybe I should tell him. If I explain it properly then I'm sure he would understand.

"Um, I-"

"You don't have to say anything," Kyle interrupted, "You just tell me when you're ready, okay?" With a reassuring smile, he got up from the table. "So, you want me to take you home? Your grandparents must be freaking out right about now." Once again, he was being extremely kind to me and pretended like nothing happened. It was starting to irritate me but right now, I'm glad he did.

"Uh, sure. Although, my grandparents aren't coming home until later this afternoon. They like to bowl a lot," I replied, laughing slightly. He looked at me with a strange face.

"Why is it that old people always bowl? I mean really, they must have nothing better to do with their lives." We both started laughing at the incredibly stupid but true comment. I finished my coffee and we left for my house.

We talked a lot during the car ride. About music, teachers, video games; anything really. I realized that we have a lot of the same interests, and hatred for the same teachers. It was nice, being able to hang out and talk with someone for once. I don't remember the last time I ever had a conversation like this with someone around the same age as me. After we drove up to my house, he walked me to the door. "Hey, if you ever need someone to talk to or you just wanna hang out, you can stop by my place anytime."

"Cool thanks! If you actually get the new Batman video game like you say you will, I might just take you up on that offer," I joked. We stood there for a bit, awkwardly.

"Well, see ya I guess,"Kyle said.

"Yeah, Thanks for dropping me off." Kyle smiled as he hurriedly walked back to his car. I waited to go inside until he left. I put my back up against the door. I did it, I was able to keep a cool face up until the end. I put a hand to my face and felt a small grin creep along my lips. Why was I getting all happy? He probably doesn't even want to be my friend. He just wanted to get rid of me as fast as possible. I cant blame him though, not after what happened last night.

Now that I think about it, these last couple of days have been wild. I had sex with a guy I barely even knew, got drugged by a bartender, humiliated in front of a bunch of people... Oh shit, I cant believe I forgot that I'd gotten rejected and embarrassed by the one and only Craig Tucker! What I am I supposed to do when I get back to school on Monday? Maybe I should avoid him for the rest of my life. But wait, he has my notes for class. Ugh! Great, now I have no choice but to see him. Next week will be... interesting.

The End

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